So, Dave Solomon from the Union Leader, who was your little snitch that ran right to you?

by Skip May 13, 2018

Not that I would expect him to tell us but it is clear that somebody thought they could puff up their chests for some dufus reason.  At least he quoted my printed word correctly: And they wonder why the base is starting to snarl. (It’s hard to miss when it is in black and white). […]

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Why is CIA Leaker Too Shy to Accept Liberal Canonization and Life Changing Wealth?

by Steve MacDonald December 15, 2016

Whoever it is at the CIA that leaked the Russian hacker story to the Washington Post has suddenly gotten shy. No one at CIA has any interest in appearing before the House Intelligence Committee with actual evidence of the claim that Russia meddled in the election. Evidence that would make them a secular humanist Demi-God […]

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