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Hannah Rivers Never Voted In New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald September 18, 2013
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Having certified before a New Hampshire court that she, Nebraska resident and UNH student Hannah Rivers, not only sought relief to vote in New Hampshire, she indicated that she intended to vote in New Hampshire. But she never voted in New Hampshire. Despite having over 40 days, including election day, after getting a judge to […]

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Judge John “Lefty” Lewis Comes Through for Democrats Again [Updated and Bumped]

by Steve MacDonald June 18, 2013

The same judge who signed off on the League of Women Voters language killing sensible domicile requirements weeks before the November election–allowing almost anyone who was in the state to vote here (and they did)–has just done it again.  He’s “decided” that the Education tax credit is unconstitutional. (At least part of it–see update below) […]

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You Want The Truth? You Can’t Handle The Truth!

by Steve MacDonald November 9, 2012

Comments are often a great source of amusement, and often suitable for follow up material.  In this instance, in response to my post about Legally stealing elections with out of state voters who just happen to be in New Hampshire, an anonymous commenter using the handle “Speak the Truth” suggested that we just let it […]

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Where Does Hannah Rivers Actually “Live?” (Hint: It doesn’t matter)

by Steve MacDonald September 26, 2012

Domicile, Domicile, where for art thou Domicile?  Or perhaps, ” A transient Domicile by any other name would be as….whatever.”  If you are an out of state college student where you live doesn’t matter, so where you vote does not matter either, and when I say doesn’t matter, I mean it doesn’t matter where in […]

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NH Voter ID Law Challanged by Democrat Front Groups Too Stupid To Be Able To Breathe on Their Own

by Steve MacDonald September 12, 2012

This is really just too good to be true, right?  The Left Wing League of Women Voters and the American Uncivil Left-Wing-Liberties Union, have filed suit in New Hampshire on behalf of four “out of state college students” who want to vote here, but don’t want to be subject to any other laws pertaining to […]

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GrokTV Event-NH Senate hearing: Voter ID / SB289 – Testimony by NH Deputy Sec. of State David Scanlan and President Patricia of the City and Town Clerks Association, and others!

by Skip January 25, 2012

This post has all of the other testimony, pro and con, on SB289 relative to having to present a valid picture ID in order to vote in NH elections.   This first one is NH Deputy Sec. of State David Scanlan bringing the news that his department is supporting this bill and its amendment by Senator […]

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League of Women Voters Now Hissing at Project Veritas Video

by Rick Olson January 13, 2012

“Perhaps that suspicion of fraud enhances the flavor.” —C. S. Forester The New Hampshire League of Women Voters call James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas video, “A Fraud.” The League has called for the prosecution of, “these out of state con-artists.” As Reported in today’s edition of the New Hampshire Union Leader.  Let the slash and burn begin, […]

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GSFTC Member Organization Spotlight -NH Citizens Alliance

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2011

A Non-partisan organization devoted to social, economic, and political justice? Too bad that’s just not possible. There are no right wing groups seeking these ethereal ends. These are buzz-words, Orwellian constructs, created by statist agenda-driven socialists to mislead people. So the NHCA couldn’t be “non-partisan” if they tried. But you don’t have to take my word for it. Just look at who they associate with and what they support.

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The Very Partisan Granite State Fair Tax Coalition Part II

by Steve MacDonald July 19, 2011

The Granite State Fair Tax Coalition (GSFTC–Greedy Socialists Frisking TaxPayers Cash) is a partisan non-profit, which for years has insisted it is a non-partisan group advocating an income tax in New Hampshire. But the GSFTC is non-partisan the way MSNBC is. They use the dark side equivalent of the Jedi mind trick. ‘The force can have a strong influence on the weak minded.”

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