Leading from Behind

Andrew Breitbart: politics is downstream from culture.

by Skip October 27, 2014

Heard this line last night that speaks to this “I’m a Duck Dynasty values family forced to live in a Molly Cyrus World“; what used to be good and valued is denigrated and replaced.  What was good is now bad, what was bad is now celebrated.  Holding onto traditional values used to be a virtue […]

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Richard Epstein has a thought on Obama’s dithering

by Skip September 16, 2014

And it all stems from Obama’s worldview and where America fits into it; the problem of ISIS brings it into focus again: The Obama personal hesitation stems, unfortunately, from reasons unrelated to the military and political issues. Part of his problem is that he cannot bring himself to acknowledge that he was wrong to oppose […]

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2014 NH GOP Annual Meeting Keynote Speakers – Kelly Ayotte, Joe Scarborough

by Skip May 4, 2014

There were two main keynote speakers at yesterday’s NH GOP Annual Meeting were US Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) and former US Congressman (and current MSNBC host) Joe Scarborough).  Kelly talked about Obamacare and its effects on NH, tax code, foreign policy, the Benghazi coverup: Note:  A lighter moment right at the beginning of her speech.  […]

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Will NH Media Need To BackTrack or Will They Draw A Red Line On Obama’s Red Line?

by Steve MacDonald September 4, 2013
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On September 1st Seacoast Online wrote that… Obama long ago said the use of chemical weapons was a “red line” Assad would not be allowed to cross with impunity. August 28th, Nashua Telegraph… Obama has said the use of chemical weapons would cross a “red line,” suggesting it would trigger U.S. intervention in the bloody, […]

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Obama Bin Busted: The Story of “Leading From Behind”, and His Backseat Driver

by Mike July 31, 2012

You remember the Osama Bin Laden storyline: Clinton let him slip through his fingers in Sudan, Bush couldn’t pin him down with certainty, But Barack Hussein Obama, Mmm, Mmm, MMMmm, had the courage, the vision, and the decisive executive mind to get the job done!! Ahem, not so much. Quite aside from the crass nature […]

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