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Mike Sylvia – HB 614: No Hardship for NH Law Enforcement

by Steve MacDonald May 8, 2017

by Mike Sylvia This Thursday, May 11, HB614 goes to the New Hampshire Senate floor. We received a bad recommendation from the judiciary committee with a vote of 4-1 to kill the bill. Let’s all push the message on social media, in the press, and our email lists. We can overturn the recommendation by refuting […]

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Now they’re against when they were before it earlier?

by Skip April 3, 2017

Funny, I do remember when Democrats were all up in arms that a State (Arizona) wanted to enforce Federal immigration law because the Obama Administration would not.  In fact, the  Obama Administration sued to make them stop. So I just don’t understand why the Democrats are all up in arms (again) to make the Federal […]

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Tempus Fugit

by Susan Olsen October 14, 2014

During the fight on whether to grant motor vehicle law enforcement authority to the Fish Cops over at NH Fish and Game,  I sent a Right-to-Know-Request to the very model of a modern Major Kevin Jordan (and his bosses) of the NH Fish & Game Department, dated April 23, 2014: “Dear Major Jordan, This request […]

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NH Top Cops Outraged at Bloomberg Bus Naming Would-Be Cop Killers as “Victims”

by Steve MacDonald June 30, 2013

From the deck of the Manchester paper, top NH Police Chiefs are outraged at the Bloomberg Name that Criminal create more victims bus tour.  My description, their outrage. Chief Michael Sielicki, president of the New Hampshire Association of Chiefs of Police and Sheriff Scott Hilliard, president of the New Hampshire Sheriff’s Association, called it “deeply […]

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David Hart inspired my letter to Senator Ayotte

by Don April 17, 2013

Dear Senator Ayotte, My letter is inspired by David B. Hart’s letter to you in Friday‘s (April 12, 2013) The Citizen of Laconia. Apparently thinking you were unaware, Hart told you that the Senate will soon consider “common sense limitations on gun violence“, which he apparently thinks would have avoided the Newtown massacre. The Newtown […]

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Do Something that Actually Dissuades and Stops Killers

by Don December 21, 2012

I am sympathetic with Ben Fordham’s call, in his 12/19 letter to the editor of The Citizen of Laconia (, to “DO something“. We should do something that works. What we have been doing fails because it has been based on fantasy, not realism. We have established “gun free zones” to protect children and others, […]

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