Laura Jones

New Hampshire House Democrat Respect & Civility Alert! – an update via interviews

by The Editors January 20, 2013

And to a degree, an apology for this late update.  After Steve put up this post concerning the total LACK of Democrat civility by David Miller (D-Rochester): Today’s Respect and Civility Award goes to David P. Miller D- Rochester. He’s made it his mission to harass a Republican rep who sits near him because he […]

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GrokTalk! Saturday February 12th 2011

by Steve MacDonald February 12, 2011

Live Streaming local and National News with opinion you could only get from GraniteGrok. It’s GrokTalk! This Saturday from 9-11AM…  NH House Rep Laura Jones, Doris Hohensee and Rep Andrew Manuse all check in with Skip. Author and National Review Managing Deputy Editor editor Kevin Williamson is back to continue the discussion on his book, […]

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GrokTalk! Saturday January 29th 2011 [UPDATED]

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2011

Live Streaming local and National News from Former GOP gubernatorial candidate and Tea Party favorite Jack Kimball was elected chairman of the NH Republican Party. So…what’s it all about? What does it bode for the NH GOP? What’s it mean for the state of New Hampshire? We’ve got a star-studded cast coming on the show Saturday morning to […]

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