language perversion

“Asking”? The Government is really “asking”?

by Skip November 12, 2013

Kirsten Powers on Special Report (a Liberal) tonite was talking about Obamacare – the theme was that the Obama Administration was not and has not be honest with the American people as to why the new Obamacare healthcare insurance plans are WAY more expensive.  She took issue that HER plan was considered to be “substandard” […]

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Blog Headline of the Day – Progressives redefining the language

by Skip October 22, 2013

From CNSews – the truth about Obamacare: ‘Marketplace:’ Where People Buy Compulsory Insurance With Other People’s Money A total distortion of the traditional definition of a “marketplace” where vendors invest their own resources to purchase their wares and hope that buyers, using their own resources, find those wares sufficient valuable that they voluntarily engage in […]

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“Gun Control” – that’s just so HARSH. WMUR approves of Obama Administration’s Politically Correct term: “safety”

by Skip January 10, 2013

During lunch I wanted to find out what the weather was going to be so I switched on WMUR and listened to Melinda Davenport read the update on the Presidential Gun Task Force: Well, the gun debate continues to heat up.  VP Joe Biden kicked off his gun violence task force yesterday by meeting with […]

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