Data Point – Job Market looking better for job seekers

by Skip May 12, 2017

Just 1.25 unemployed workers per job opening — lowest since Jan 2001. #JOLTS — Jed Kolko (@JedKolko) May 9, 2017 (H/T: Washington Examiner)

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“Jobs are a Cost of Doing Something, Not a Benefit.”

by Steve MacDonald July 12, 2016
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Hostess went belly up in late 2012 thanks to unmanageable costs. There were some serious infrastructure and logistics issues but the biggest weight around the company neck was union contracts. The Union bosses bled the company dry until it could no longer afford to operate. Hostess closed up shop, Twinkies disappeared from store shelves, and thousands […]

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Where Did 11,440 NH Workers Go?

by Steve MacDonald May 20, 2015
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The New Hampshire Department of Employment Security (NHDES) released the April job numbers yesterday. New Hampshire’s unemployment rate is being reported as 3.8%.  (746,530 people in the NH labor force, 717,870 are employed, 28,660 listed as unemployed.) That sounds pretty good, but in July of 2008 there were 756,570 people in the NH labor force […]

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Contracts, Payrolls, and School Budgets

by Steve MacDonald May 18, 2015
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Public School budgets are increasingly swallowed up by payroll and benefits (The high cost of labor). Jorge Mesa-Tejada joins to talk about contracts and how School Boards are responsible for such inflated budgets. Listen to the entire podcast here Follow us on YouTube,USTREAM, Facebook, and Twitter …and take us with you on iTunes, iHeart Radio, […]

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Are Stay At Home Parents Robbing the Government of Revenue?

by Steve MacDonald January 28, 2015
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Democrats may not admit this but they believe it all belongs to the government.  All of it. “You didn’t build that” is the bumper-sticker slogan of Marxists everywhere.  You can’t do it without them, you didn’t do it, to which we could add ‘How dare you do it.”  And for the record, any little bit […]

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Minimum Wage? (Fixed Video)

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2014
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The Gruberette’s in the Democrat party are constantly pushing a minimum wage increase which ill serves those they claim to care about (That’s the Grubering part), while advantaging unions from whom they reap so much politically.  So they lie outright and by exclusion. Government wage fixing harms low income workers while often driving up union […]

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Continued Ways of Malaise

by Tom June 6, 2014

When Liberals attempt to make hay out of today’s Labor Report, you should nudge them to look at all the data, not just the parts that soothe their cognitive dissonance about this economy and the disaster that is the Obama administration’s mishandling of it. And, after all, data must always be put into context and […]

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How The Private Sector Pays For Obama’s Idea of “Honest Wages”

by Steve MacDonald April 4, 2014
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Culled from Jonah Goldberg’s Column c/o the New York Post National Review’s Andrew Johnson noted that Zingerman’s is pretty expensive. That small Reuben cost $13.99 — pickle included. The large goes for nearly $17. The irony might have been lost on Obama that Zingerman’s “honest wages” also lead to high prices. The alternative to pricing […]

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Why Not Raise the Minimum Wage to $100/Hour?

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2013
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If employers had to pay even the least competent of their weak links a Benjamin an Hour we could make everyone rich almost overnight.  So why don’t the “We must raise the minimum wage” chest-pounding, axe-grinding, we-care-about-the-poor-more-than-you-proponents of increasing this arbitrary price point on the value of labor insist on it?  Because they know, deep […]

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Science, Technology, Union Backed Strikes, and Fewer McJobs.

by Steve MacDonald September 1, 2013
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The unions are deep pocketed advocates of the Democrat party.  The Democrat party likes to think of itself as the hip party of science and technology.  In reality, they are trapped in a post-progressive world-view that has been circling the drain for years.  That reality has not, however, ecouraged them to stop being either progressive, […]

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About the SEIU trying to unionize fast food joints? A word of caution

by Skip August 29, 2013

Today is the day where various unions (chief amongst them, the SEIU) are trying to have fast food workers conduct a strike across a number of large cities against the likes of McDonalds, Kentucky fried, Wendy’s, Subway et al.  CNN, the liberal new site, portrays this in Occupy (e.g., socialist / communist) language (thanks to […]

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If Democrats Really Want to See Wages Increase….

by Steve MacDonald January 12, 2013

Every good New Hampshire Democrat knows that the best way to have an immediate impact on jobs and the economy is to increase the cost of doing business.  Making it cost more to run a business acts like a tax on the business owner, and Democrats love taxing business. Enter HB127, An act relative to […]

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So Elves do All the Work…

by Steve MacDonald December 24, 2012

H/T Mike Rogers

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Decay Point

by Scott Morales November 16, 2012

Societal decay has many symptoms.  One of which that mottles our society like a cancerous blotch on the drooping bosom of freedom is the unending, unforgiving, and unyielding sense of entitlement –entitled to things coming not just from government, but directly from fellow citizens as well. The expression supposedly uttered from Marie Antoinette to the […]

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Who killed the Twinkies??

by Skip November 16, 2012

Yep, Twinkies are about join the dodo birds and the woolly mammoths in the great waste can of history – and we have greedy union bosses to blame for all of the panic looks that the stoners are about to start getting when they realize that Twinkies are gone (not to mention a staple and […]

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Equality of Outcome is Irreconcilable with the Human Condition.

by Steve MacDonald September 27, 2012

What Democrats suggest they want is not possible.  Equality of outcome is irreconcilable with the human condition.  As long as there is private property someone will always have something more or something  better than someone else.  People are and always will be and come from different circumstances, they will think and behave differently.  And all […]

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Roll Call-palooza – Another Democrat Taxpayer Swindle

by Steve MacDonald March 23, 2011

New Hampshire Democrats, who benefit from taxpayer money laundered through public employee union dues into their campaign, are spending taxpayer dollars in the legislature to make sure they have sound bites and talking points to give to their union buddies to ensure the Aztec gold continues to flow moving forward.

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Charlie Bass…”Leader of the PAC”

by Tom July 1, 2010

According to this posting on (yes, we give credit/link when we reference the Libs’ blogs, even though they don’t credit us), Charlie Bass leads the "pack" in NH CD-2 for…wait for it… PAC campaign donations.  41% of total, to be clear. Even before you see the evidence, do you really doubt this claim?  You […]

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Carol Stands Up For…?

by Steve MacDonald June 20, 2010

Carol Shea Porter has been accused of using the oil spill and related disasters as a way to get campaign contributions.    In response her campaign manager, Angela Ruslander, said this in her defense. “Carol Shea-Porter is standing up to BP and other big corporations who are irresponsibly hurting our environment and our economy.”    Wait it gets better.  […]

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