Kennedy Clinton Dinners

Meanwhile, As A Special Prosecutor Tries To Nullify An Election, Democrats Are Being Democrats

by Ed Naile December 3, 2017

The NH Democrats held a meeting to discuss their crooked superdelegate mess which was exposed when a candidate, not even in their party, was marginalized by having the superdelegates pledge support for his crooked opponent – before he announced his well-known intention to run as a Democrat. As if that isn’t “Democrat” enough, there was […]

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Taking the Kennedy-Clinton Dinner for a Good Natured Spin

by Steve MacDonald November 21, 2017

I’ve read more than a few published posts about the New Hampshire Democrats labeling fiasco for the Kennedy-Clinton dinner. There are a few here at GraniteGrok. But this one was so much fun I had to share it. It’s an ancient tradition, this Kennedy-Clinton Dinner. Goes all the way back to 2016. (Is anybody reading this […]

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Democrats remind us they are the Party of violators

by Skip October 9, 2017

I’m on most of the major Democrat email lists – sometimes as my usual email address and sometimes under others.  Most of the stuff is absolute emotion – their titles and content SCREAM emotion: “Women will DIE!”, “They want to put you back in chains!”, “This. Cannot. Happen.”, “LAST CHANCE!” and a recent one, “Poachers […]

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