Kelly Ayotte

Thanksgiving message from Planned Parenthood: NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey must be so proud!

by Skip November 24, 2016

After all, he has been not so reticent this last year saying that he donates to the Planned Parenthood Action Fund – the political arm of this taxpayer dependent non-governmental organization that gives thanks for the ability to kill unborn children and urges it followers to donate even more in the spirit of Thanksgiving. And […]

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“The NHGOP really needs to rethink it’s relationship with conservatives.”

by Skip November 9, 2016

That was part of an email sent in to Grokster Steve and I.  It spurred the immediate question: Why should it? What’s its downside from a historical perspective? Conservatives reliably vote for the Republican Party in election after election. We hear the nice words that make us think “hey,  s/he’s with us!”. Just as if we’re […]

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Sometimes-Republican Kelly Ayotte Loses US Senate Seat to a Real Democrat

by Steve MacDonald November 9, 2016

Ayotte has been ousted from the US Senate. New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan, a Democrat, has been elected to the U.S. Senate, ousting incumbent Republican Kelly Ayotte, the New Hampshire secretary of state confirmed on Wednesday. Hassan won by a narrow margin, recording 354,640 votes to Ayotte’s 353,617, according to a final tally posted online […]

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Dumping Trump Could Be Hazardous For GOP Candidates

by Mike October 15, 2016

The GOP Establishment caused, and deserve Trump – they belittled and worked against their base over and over. The dirty little secret is that many of them agree with Hillary that the same people they depend on to get elected are deplorable. They have destroyed too many good candidates with false stories of past misdeeds […]

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Repudiate him, now

by Ellen Kolb October 7, 2016

This just in: Trump is a vulgar lout.  Oh, wait. We knew that. But at least he’s not Clinton. Oh, wait – we knew that, too. Every woman inundated with campaign phone calls and palm cards and TV commercials and web ads about how one or the other is better for women ought to be […]

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How Down-Ballot Candidates Go Down Without Trump

by Mike October 4, 2016

Ayotte Shows How NOT To Handle The Trump Question Ayotte says Trump 'absolutely' a role model for kids in NH debate, later says she misspoke: — New Day (@NewDay) October 4, 2016 In my opinion, this is how she doubles and triples down on her loss to Hassan, by making it clear that […]

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Planned Parenthood Clarifies Postion on “Access to Birth Control”

by Steve MacDonald October 4, 2016

Kelly Ayotte’s campaign gave away free condoms at UNH. I joked on Twitter that, Not sure I'd trust #KellyCondoms if they are as reliable as her voting record. — Steve Mac Donald (@nhstevemacd) October 3, 2016 Planned Parenthood’s PAC has since called her a hypocrite, claiming she consistently obstructs access to birth control. They actually […]

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So now Kelly Ayotte is competing for the hook-up constituency?

by Skip October 3, 2016

Well @KellyAyotte just took campaign swag to a whole new level. #nhpolitics #nhsen — Josh McElveen (WMUR) (@JoshWMUR) October 3, 2016 Traditional values, that ain’t ma’am. For a Republican candidate, to be passing out condoms seems to be rather……Progressive versus a traditional Republican one.  But, what the hay, you’ve already proved that in DC […]

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Portsmouth Police Commissioner Joe Plaia lies about guns in ad

by Kimberly Morin September 30, 2016

Yesterday a new, fearmongering ad appeared in New Hampshire social media that featuresPortsmouth Police Commissioner Joe Plaia. The ad was created by Independence USA PAC, an out-of-state PAC run by New York City billionaire and gun control addict, Michael Bloomberg. Bloomberg has been spending millions of dollars to push gun control and Maggie Hassan in New […]

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You Said ‘Unity’ but I think You Meant “Fealty”

by Steve MacDonald September 17, 2016
Thumbnail image for You Said ‘Unity’ but I think You Meant “Fealty”

Yesterday the Rubens campaign issued a short press release explaining why he was absent from the Republican Unity Breakfast the day after the New Hampshire Primary. Jim Rubens and his wife Susan had every intention of attending and were looking forward to Wednesday’s Unity Breakfast and publicly supporting Senator Ayotte and the entire Republican ticket. Unfortunately, the […]

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Sen. Ayotte’s Republican Primary Challenger

by Steve MacDonald September 11, 2016
Thumbnail image for Sen. Ayotte’s Republican Primary Challenger

Jim Rubens is challenging sitting RINO Sen. Kelly Ayotte. He took a few minutes after a debate with the Senator to speak with me about local and national issues. *Originally recorded for this week’s podcast but I didn’t have room to squeeze it into the final product. Music c/o Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative […]

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Hypocrisy: Hassan says Trump hurts Ayotte. Has amnesia about vile Clinton history

by Kimberly Morin August 9, 2016

Yesterday the Seacoast online reported that Maggie Hassan believes she knows why Senator Kelly Ayotte’s poll numbers have dropped. Hassan believes it is because of Ayotte’s support for Donald Trump. Ayotte said from the beginning of the election season that she would support the Republican nominee.

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If Bill Greiner is A “Good Republican” …

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2016
Thumbnail image for If Bill Greiner is A “Good Republican” …

Aaron Day joins us, fresh off the denial of the gag order requested against him in a lawsuit lead by Bill Greiner. Our conversation features names like Greiner’s (whose lawyer is Hillary State co-chair Bill Shaheen), Andy Crews (the chair of Ted Gatsas Gubernatorial Campaign), and Dick Anagnost. There’s political intrigue, corruption, ‘good Republicans’ (donors […]

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Ayotte is Awful on the Environment

by Steve MacDonald July 19, 2016
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One of the more frequent concerns I hear from conservatarian voters about Kelly Ayotte’s primary opponent Jim Rubens regards past remarks about global warming, energy, and the environment. If you believe that Ayotte should get your Primary vote because “she is better on the environment” than Rubens you may want to rethink that.  Kelly Ayotte is […]

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Quick Thought – Betty Tamposi is dead wrong

by Skip July 18, 2016

Betty Tamposi, beloved of the Establishment Republicans, has a piece in the Concord Monitor where declares that Republicans must resist Donald Trump – he’s the Barbarian at the Gate of Republicans so we MUST go out and embrace the Goths, Vandals, and Visi-Goths. Together, reaching across the aisle, Republicans, Democrats and independents can choose the candidate […]

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Is Kelly Ayotte going to pull a Jennifer Horn over Eric Estevez?

by Skip July 12, 2016

After all, that’s what high office NH GOPe-ers do – run away from any political mud that may be trying to outrun the Law of Gravity.  Jennifer Horn is infamous for doing so and throwing anyone under the bus needed in her attempts to remain spotless (all those IRS tax liens aside, et al).  So […]

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And we fought a War of Independence because of a government that used to do this?

by Skip July 3, 2016

Hey, Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen, this is what you want our American Government  (and let’s add Frank Guinta and Annie Kuster to this as well as Speaker Ryan is bringing this to the House after it getting voted down in the Senate) to be like?  Yay, it’s just about Independence Day? No, no planes […]

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ICYMI – Challenging Ayotte, then the Rise of Experimental Science

by Steve MacDonald June 28, 2016
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ICYMI – Jim Rubens, Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s primary challenger, joins us to talk about Kelly’s record and why he’s the better Republican. Then John Zmirack helps us explore the question, “why did experimental science arise in the West, as opposed to other civilizations?” Original broadcast date 6-4-2016. >>> You Can Listen to us on Stitcher Smart Radio! <<< […]

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So Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen, THIS is the kind of Due Process you want?

by Skip June 27, 2016

One that is unConstitutional and, well, hasn’t any “due” to the bureaucratic process now in place?  Again, you want to CHAMPION this Hotel “due process” California hell? (emphasis mine, reformatted) Currently, it can take years for an innocent individual to get off the list. Take for example Rahinah Ibrahim, an innocent Stanford professor and PhD student […]

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Due Process Under Attack

by Steve MacDonald June 27, 2016
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Lead by Democrats (and Radicalized Republican moderates) the Feds and progressives are taking every opportunity to kill due process wherever they can. We discuss it locally and nationally. Download this Segment | Get the Complete Podcast >> Listen to us onStitcher Smart Radio! <<<  

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BlogLine of the Day – establishing where the blame should be

by Skip June 23, 2016

Listen up, Jeanne Shaheen and Kelly Ayotte: “Blaming guns for the Islamist murder of 49 people in the Orlando gay club, is like saying that Zyklon B gas was the cause of the Holocausts and not the Nazis:” Yeah, a near miss against Godwin’s Law but it fits.  Just wish that Kelly wasn’t falling for […]

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Guest Post – About Kelly Ayotte and her Constitutional disdain

by Skip June 22, 2016

Senator Ayotte: Thank you for exhibiting your basic misunderstanding of both the NH and US Constitutions with your support of Senator Collins latest bill. Super secret government lists that a person does not know they are on, has no way of getting off the list used to deny that person of multiple natural rights? You […]

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Part II – Kelly Ayotte’s Republican Challenger

by Steve MacDonald June 7, 2016
Thumbnail image for Part II – Kelly Ayotte’s Republican Challenger

In part II we continue the conversation with Jim Rubens on why he is challenging sitting New Hampshire US Senator Kelly Ayotte in a Republican Primary. Download this segment – listen to the complete podcast  

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Jim Rubens is Challenging Kelly Ayotte for US Senate

by Steve MacDonald June 5, 2016
Thumbnail image for Jim Rubens is Challenging Kelly Ayotte for US Senate

Jim Rubens is a long-time political activist, former NH State Senator, slayer of Corporate-Casino-cronyism, and a founder of the secret ballot in town elections in New Hampshire. He is challenging sitting Republican US Senator Kelly Ayotte. We speak with him about his qualifications and why Ayotte must go. Download this segment – listen to the […]

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Steve Marchand – Please Remind Maggie Hassan About Democrat Talking Point: Big Money in Politics

by Steve MacDonald June 5, 2016
Thumbnail image for Steve Marchand – Please Remind Maggie Hassan About Democrat Talking Point: Big Money in Politics

Former Portsmouth Mayor Steve Marchand (D) is accepting voluntary limits on campaign contributions in his race for Governor of New Hampshire”in the spirit of reducing the corrosive influence of big money in politics.” According to SeacoastOnline, accepting “The spending limit prohibits a gubernatorial candidate from spending more than $625,000 in the primary and $625,000 in the […]

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June 4th, 2016 Podcast

by Steve MacDonald June 4, 2016
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Jim Rubens, Sen. Kelly Ayotte’s primary challenger, joins us to talk about Kelly’s record and why he’s the better Republican. John Zmirack helps us explore the question, “why did experimental science arise in the West, as opposed to other civilizations?” And Guest host Max Abramson has a slew of legislative updates.  

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Ayotte and Shaheen vote for Radical Obama Bill that will hurt your Neighborhood

by Kimberly Morin May 20, 2016

Yesterday both Senators Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen voted for a radical bill that hands over local control of your neighborhood to the federal government. Because Ayotte and Shaheen clearly don’t care about their constituents in New Hampshire, they have decided to push this outrageous rule by Obama that forces middle class and upper middle-class […]

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Ayotte supports CASA Act that could destroy your sons in college

by Kimberly Morin April 30, 2016

On Thursday the Washington Time reported on the CASA Act – The Campus Accountability and Safety Act. This is legislation brought forth by extreme far left wing Senator Claire McCaskill of Missouri. This legislation is based on the bogus claim that there is a “rape culture” on college campuses.

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If you are treading onto Constitutional grounds, try READING it first…

by Skip April 4, 2016

I try to make the rounds of the NH newspapers; this morning at the Concord Monitor I came across a Letter to the Editor from someone who definitely doesn’t understand his civics (emphasis mine): Letter: Cheated by Ayotte, GOP Sen. Ayotte was recently quoted as saying she believes “the American people deserve to have a […]

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Kelly Ayotte finally got something right – Guest post by Rick Manning

by Skip March 18, 2016

Rick Manning is the President of Americans for Limited Government. Ayotte joins the GOP Senate majority Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) got it right when she walked back her open door to Obama’s Supreme Court nominee today stating that she supports Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) position to not consider the nominee and let the […]

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