Kelly Ayotte

This is the definition of “Having one’s back”?

by Skip March 30, 2014

“Having one’s back” – the trust that one places in another that no matter the situation, no matter the circumstances, the other guy will be steadfast, present, and loyal.  It’s that last term that seems to be such a nuthingburger in politics where if political speed of movement could be measured when the mud starts […]

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Mike Gill Interview with Nashua Patch on FRM Cover Up

by Steve MacDonald January 24, 2014
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Mike Gill is naming names as he continues to seek accountability from those involved in New Hampshire’s  FRM banking scandal and beyond.  Elected officials, judges, members of the banking committee, friends and family of people in State Government, and the AG’s office, are all implicated by Mr. Gill in the scheme and its cover up. […]

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Heritage Action for America – Scoring for NH lawmakers in DC

by Skip January 19, 2014

Surprised on this; I would have expected better… (H/T: Heritage)

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Senate Democrats Refuse to Fund Veterans Benefits Again

by Steve MacDonald January 10, 2014
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The Powerline title I sourced this from says it all: “Once Again, Democrats Vote to Cut Veterans’ Benefits in Order to Enable Fraud By Illegal Aliens.” “Feeding” the dependents of illegal immigrants who may not even be in America is more important to Senate Democrats than funding Veterans benefits. That is offensive enough, but what […]

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Senator Ayotte On The Recent Budget Bill

by Steve MacDonald December 20, 2013

From a Reader:  NH Senator Kelly Ayotte’s response regarding the “Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013.  Note the bits about veterans benefits cuts and then read what I posted here yesterday re; Jeanne Shaheen. Dear Mr xxxxxx: Thank you for contacting me regarding the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2013 (H.J. Res. 59). I appreciate hearing from […]

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MAYBE they ARE listening – Consistency

by Skip December 13, 2013

FINALLY – a “yay! in that the boat may be swinging about.  We’ve been pounding on NH Republicans and the NH GOP on the truism: Consistency + Trust = Votes (all other things being equal).  But first, you have to ACT Consistently, and talk Consistently, and if you can master that (it really isn’t all […]

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You know, I DO wish that Kelly was palling around with this guy before voting for illegal alien amnesty…

by Skip October 24, 2013

If she had as much of a shred of compassion for the low-skilled low-wage American worker as she does the illegal aliens that Big Biz, Big Govt, and her palie-walies Maverick and Grahamnesty, she wouldn’t be in as much hot water.  It would have been much better if Kelly Ayotte, she of the “common sense”, […]

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GrokTalk! 10-19-13 Segment One – The Philosophical Split in the GOP

by Steve MacDonald October 21, 2013
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Skip and Steve open the show with a conversation about the philisophical split in the GOP between the liberty and freedom side and the Establishment wing.  Between the principle-based conservatives and the surrender caucus. And about the NH-GOP ignoring big-picture problems just in case they sweep up a Republican or two on the road to […]

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You know, maybe DiStaso ought to leave the bubble more often…

by Skip October 21, 2013

His story on Kelly Ayotte had this line in it: Ayotte had been successfully straddling the line between Tea Party favorite and establishment Republican — until the shutdown occurred. This is pretty much the same level of “journalism” we see from a lot of these ink-stained (he’s old enough for that phrase) “reporters” lately when […]

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Now she is acting like the person why I voted for the other one.

by Skip October 20, 2013

This is from Pindell: “Ayotte is now acting like the person people thought they voted for.”  James, let me remind you that I’m not the only one – and they were LOUD.  He continues: However, during the shutdown, Ayotte came into her own politically. She was no longer following the lead of mentors like U.S. […]

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Brit Hume: Tea Party Arose from GOP Establishment Failure to Restrain Govt. Spending

by Skip October 18, 2013

From Big Journalism, the set up graf: Fox News political analyst Brit Hume conceded that Republicans that grew the federal government while they were in power the last decade may have ultimately been responsible for the recent standoff over the budget because their actions helped create the Tea Party that now stands fiercely opposed to […]

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More on the “Ayotte Booing” – and not just because it is almost Halloween

by Skip October 18, 2013

As I reported from the First Annual Strong New Hampshire Conference, I was not expecting the reaction that the crowd had when Howie Carr asked them what they thought of Kelly Ayotte’s behavior lately.  Go here if you have forgotten.  One of our loyal readers sent this Letter to Ayotte’ s office and gave us […]

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Ayotte Joins Lynch Mob, Rips Conservatives

by Mike October 17, 2013

Schoolmarm scolds conservatives for daring to shut down the government, even though it was Obama and his Barry-ers which deliberately inflicted pain on the public. In case anyone missed the message, she concluded “I hope we learned our lessons from this!” If you’re tempted to be charitable and think she’s scolding Democrats, I urge you […]

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Guinta’s name didn’t show up in the list when he had the chance – and neither did Ayotte’s now

by Skip October 16, 2013

The Senate vote on the Continuing Resolution  and to allow the Obama Administration to spend even more of our kids’ money had the following Republicans voting “NO!”: The 18 Republicans voting no were: Senators David Vitter (La.), Ted Cruz (Texas), Mike Lee (Utah), Marco Rubio (Fla.), Ron Johnson (Wis.), Pat Toomey (Pa.), John Cornyn (Texas), […]

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Notable Quote – Kelly Ayotte’s clock must have been out for repairs…

by Skip October 16, 2013

‘To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been their finest […]

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“I was NOT expecting this”

by Skip October 13, 2013

Early in her term, we at GraniteGrok told Kelly Ayotte that she was exceeding our expections.  Then, however, it was clear that she had thrown in with both US Senators Maverick McCain and Lindsey Grahamnesty.  Then we heard about her embracing amnesty for illegal alients.  And then leading the lynch mob against the Republicans in […]

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OK. I’ll play that game…

by Skip October 4, 2013

Political Scoop – every Friday (mostly – he’s not as prolific as we are) Pindell puts up his Political Standing weekly and it generally has a Questions of the Week in it. Given that he mentioned us, I’ll play along with it: What are we to make of the Union Leader linking to Granite Grok […]

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DC Lawmakers donating their salaries away during the Fed Govt shutdown

by Skip October 2, 2013

Saw this first over at The Blaze: Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on Tuesday became one of the latest lawmakers to say he would be forgoing his congressional salary during the government shutdown, telling The Salt Lake Tribune he’s asking “that they hold my check until this is resolved.” Members of Congress’ pay is ensured even […]

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And Jennifer Horn Should Apologize?

by Ed Naile August 30, 2013

And here comes the inevitable story from the old NH media (SeacoastOnline).  Now that liberal Democrat Martha Fuller Clark, who harbored out of state Obama campaign voters who have since asked to be taken off our NH checklist – as some were registered in several states, her “exoneration” by the NH AG is trotted out.  […]

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EMail Doodlings – Political Consistency breeds Political Trust

by The Groksters August 26, 2013

The latter, Trust, unless built upon blind faith (another topic), is only possible if there is a proven history in word and deed of Consistency.  I’ve been writing about this symbiosis and dependence between these two ideas for a while and we had a bit (just a wee bit) of a back and forth on […]

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I dream of Jeannie Shaheen too – and Carol Shea-Porter, Annie Kuster, and Kelly Ayotte and it’s still a nightmare.

by Skip August 11, 2013

Ladies (you who now belong to the DC Ruling Political Class), I bet you all are so relieved – that you and your staffers have all been relieved of the burden of sharing in the “shared sacrifice / responsibility” (as a President of oft to say) of Obamacare and joining with the rest of us […]

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Frank Guinta should have had her stones for this kind of issue

by Skip July 23, 2013

Still mad over Guinta’s failure to live up to his promise to cut spending when he was in the US House and did vote for the Continuing Resolutions that increased spending – and our debt.  He got cold feet – what, me voting in such a way that the Government might shutdown from a lack […]

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Obamacare Premise (or promise?): “we’ll eliminate the fraud that insurance companies allow”

by Skip July 9, 2013

Remember that argument?  That Government spends far less on administrative costs, 2-3%,  so that ALONE is a good thing (with the implied meaning that the Government can do as well as private insurance (who were around 20-25%).  What they didn’t ever want to talk about was the fraud in the Government’s Medicare / Medicaid system […]

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Palin Unimpressed By Ayotte’s Flip-Flop On Immigration – Suggests Primary Challenge

by Mike June 28, 2013

Three years ago, Sarah Palin backed Ayotte in the Senate primary, splitting the Tea Party vote in the primary, helping her beat Ovide LaMontagne, and go on to become Senator. Even called Kelly a “Granite Grizzly” for her strong words of commonsense regarding immigration and other conservative hot buttons. What a difference a couple of […]

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US Senator Kelly Ayotte – “Our Republican”?

by Skip June 27, 2013

National Review: Fourteen Republicans joined every Democrat in support of the bill: Lamar Alexander (Tenn.), Kelly Ayotte (N.H.), Jeff Chiesa (N.J.), Susan Collins (Maine), Bob Corker (Tenn.), Jeff Flake (Ariz.), Lindsey Graham (S.C.), Orrin Hatch (Utah), Dean Heller (Nev.), John Hoeven (N.D., Mark Kirk (Ill.), John McCain (Ariz.), Lisa Murkowski (Alaska), and Marco Rubio (Fla.). […]

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Oh Kelly?? About your NEXT upcoming Immigration vote – Part 3

by Skip June 24, 2013

Now that Grokster Susan has outlined that you have voted to limit debate on “new and devolved” Schumer Open-Border Immigration bill, it may be too late to note that this is turning into yet another “We have to pass the bill to see what is in it”.  With almost a total rewrite of the original […]

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Mayor quits Mayors Against Illegal Guns – figures out their real reason

by Skip June 23, 2013

Mayors Against Illegal Guns – the gift that keeps on giving.  Remember what I said here? I have now watched politics in detail and intensely enough to know that they cannot tell the truth about their future plans – else they would NEVER get their hands on the Levers of Power. They can only assume […]

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Oh Kelly?? About your upcoming Immigration vote – Part 1

by Skip June 10, 2013

My Jr US Senator, Kelly Ayotte, make the rounds of the Sunday morning talking head shows to make her announcement that she is in McCain’s sidecar when it comes to voting for the Gang of Eight’s Amnesty Immigration Plan (she also sent me a personal email – hope the NSA read it!): It will take […]

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The Enabling Effect of Government Agencies on…New Hampshire Fisherman

by Steve MacDonald June 7, 2013

Senator Kelly Ayotte was on WGIR with Jack Heath the other morning (per-recorded interview if I’m not mistaken) to talk about the effects of a recent decision affecting the local Fishing industry.  She is trying to overcome the arbitrary observations of a local regional board, that have resulted in a decision with the force of […]

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Zandra “Rice-Out-Of-State-Palooza” Hawkins

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2013

Out of State funded, Colorado Model, intrusive Democrat Agenda-thumper Zandra Rice Hawkins of Granite State Progress, is a progressive mole, and paid lobbyist, planted by the out of state agenda-mill Progress Now to operate as a “local” left wing propaganda machine.  (Progress Now is an extension or partner with Democracy Alliance   both of which […]

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