NH Poll: Kasich leads Trump among likely GOP primary voters? I don’t Think So…

by Steve MacDonald August 8, 2017

So there’s a poll out putting John “everyman™” Kasich ahead of President Trump among “likely” Republican primary voters… Ohio Gov. John Kasich leads President Trump in a hypothetical New Hampshire Republican presidential primary matchup, according to a new poll. An American Research Group poll found that if the New Hampshire Republican presidential primary were held today, Kasich […]

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Contested + Convention = GOP ConTention

by Mike April 25, 2016

A slip of the pen? Gary Varvel suggests how July will go… And how necessity makes strange bedfellows – Varvel again…

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Trumpmentum Returns, But…

by Steve MacDonald March 16, 2016
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Congratulations to Donald Trump who had a great night on March 15th, winning four races and sweeping up 161 Delegates. Kasich won his home state of Ohio and Missouri is still too close to call (Trump is ahead by 0.2% or 2000 votes as of this writing with precincts left to report). So, all-in-all, an impressive display. But? Team […]

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RINO Stampede In Ohio- Will It Help Kasich?

by Mike March 14, 2016

First we hear via Twitchy.com that the orange Boehner has provided Kasich with the kiss of death by endorsing him, and now we see from The Washington Examiner That Mitt is going to be campaigning with him today: Mitt Romney will campaign for John Kasich in Ohio on Monday, one day before the Buckeye State’s […]

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The latest Polling from RCP

by Steve MacDonald January 11, 2016
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Iowa – NBC/WSJ/Marist: Cruz 28, Trump 24, Rubio 13, Carson 11, Bush 4, Paul 5, Christie 3, Huckabee 2, Fiorina 3, Kasich 2, Graham, Santorum 0, Pataki New Hampshire – NBC/WSJ/Marist: Trump 30, Rubio 14, Cruz 10, Bush 9, Christie 12, Kasich 9, Paul 5, Carson 4, Fiorina 3, Santorum 0, Huckabee 0 NH – NH1: […]

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Places So Great, Even The Gov’s Are Leaving

by Mike January 9, 2016

This data from United Van Lines via ZeroHedge.com suggests that many Americans are voting with their feet to leave liberal hellholes, which happen to include Christie’s NJ, and Kasich’s OH – perhaps the urge to leave is why these guys are trampling over each other for a respectable 3rd place in the NH primary, but […]

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They. Chose. Poorly: Kasich Annoys EVERYBODY!

by Mike November 14, 2015

We discovered, during the summer, that team Sununu had picked Kasich as their moderate Republican standard-bearer for 2016, and further, that Kasich had bet his entire campaign on New Hampshire. Those of us who had watched Kasich on Fox from time to time already weren’t very impressed with either his claims of conservatism or his […]

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GOPe-A-DOPE: Establishment Loses Its Mind!

by Mike October 27, 2015

It’s like the abusive husband crying that his wife doesn’t understand him, and completely unable to grasp where the real blame lies….. Shorter JEB: If you want a clown show, elect Trump, I won’t play! Shorter Sununu: The base aren’t Talk, Talk, Talking Listening to ME anymore! Shorter Kasich: If you don’t like my Medicaid […]

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RNC 2012 Notable Quotables…

by Scott Morales August 31, 2012

Here are some notable quotes from the 2012 RNC.  I’m sure I missed some… “… Biden is the intellect of the Democratic Party” — Clint Eastwood “My dad was a bartender….You see, he stood behind the bar all those years so that one day I could stand  behind a podium…” – Sen. Marco Rubio “…instead […]

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