Kabuki Theater

Liberty & Freedom folks, revisit how & WHY you vote for Republicans

by Skip March 10, 2015

I’ve been calling what the elected Republicans have been doing in Concord (as in “we’ve been Jaspered”, as Steve has coined – Democrats pulling the strings of the Democrat appointed Speaker Jasper to get more favorable bills.  After all, if Jasper crosses the Dems, he’s out.  So we Republican voters are secondary to him and the resulting […]

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Email Doodlings – “US House Declares Obama Amnesty “Null and Void…” Yawn….

by Skip December 4, 2014

Yawn and yawn again.  As we have intimated before, some of our best (and snarkiest!) conversation are not here on GraniteGrok but in our (closed) email group of Groksters.  Occasionally, some of it comes out – and here is one of them as I pretty much took exception to the message of Steve’s post:  US […]

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Executive Amnesty – is the GOP going to fight Obama or is this another “Don’t make real waves” Kabuki theater on their part?

by Skip November 20, 2014

This recent election saw more elected Republicans voted into office, top to bottom, than any time since Herbert Hoover.  Each and every poll that I have seen said why – just like in 2010 only louder and more angrily – stop Obama. They kicked the Dems out of more state legislatures and governerships than ever, sending […]

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