Justin Trudeau

Age and Guile vs Youth and Inexperience**:
Trump vs Trudeau

by Mike July 9, 2018

While the young socialist, Trudeau, piles further impediments upon his countrymen as their reward for electing him, the wily Donald Trump steadily unravels red tape and shreds useless regulations. Trump and his cabinet know full well that red tape and government regulations are better kept few and simple, and have set about slashing their way […]

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G7 Shakedown – Trump Drops Truth Bomb About Trade. Everyone Loses Their Mind.

by Steve MacDonald June 11, 2018

Mike teased Trump’s realignment at the G7 Summit here which the media has (naturally) decided to sell it as a G6 versus the Trump Ogre. The world aligning against their oafish nemesis. That tells us a lot about the media and their abhorrence of the Make America Great Again Culture that put Trump in Office. […]

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“Why can’t he be our president?”

by Skip July 26, 2017

https://t.co/yLLLr6sGGI He can be – move. What is it about these people that want “other than America” here in America but don’t have the stones to go where it IS “other than America” and then the rest of us will get what we all want – to be left alone. (H/T: The Blaze)

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