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Part 3 – Staying At Martha’s Motel and School of Drive By Voting: Bryan Gregory Griffith

by Skip July 26, 2013

As Grokster Steve pointed out here: When asked about the legitimacy of their domicile status, Clark said: “By and large, the young people who stayed with me were committed to New Hampshire, but given their age, whether they intended to stay is impossible to predict.” Talk about a total BS answer.  State Senator Clark was […]

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Are We at Their “Collective” Mercy?

by Steve MacDonald November 20, 2012

The State Constitution says that you must be domiciled in New Hampshire to vote here. The legal definition of domicile is your residence.  By law you can only have one of these. But Judge Lewis allowed the ACLU’s “love the one you are with” definition of domicile to supersede the common law definition.  Anyone can […]

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Dateline Dover NH: Judge Lewis Hear’s Motions to Intervene…or Something.

by Steve MacDonald October 4, 2012

Today Superior Court Judge John Lewis (D- Durham), will hear from a number of individuals who object to this rubber-stamping the ACLU’s request to suspend voter registration requirements relating to domicile.  Lewis agreed with the ACLU and League of Women voters.   The AG and Secretary of state are on that list of those who […]

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