On the other hand, another kind of journalism…

by Skip November 9, 2014

Trust. Consistency breeds Trust. It is everything.  And what we are seeing is a migration from those that have broken Trust, those that cannot hold to that standard, to those that can.  It is a tough lesson to learn – and sometimes, one that has to be re-taught AND relearned.  Journalism is learning that – the hard way.  […]

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Data Point – So, WHICH news program is the most untrustworthy one?

by Skip June 11, 2014

That would be “Lean Leftward” MSNBC, the place where the janitors are working over time from all of the anchors’ and guests’ heads exploding as to who occupies the other end of the spectrum: Yeah, that would be Fox News, considered the most trustworthy over EVERYONE, including the ancient Big Three (CBS, NBC, and ABC) – […]

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Court ruling: blogs are media

by Skip April 17, 2014

It has taken a few years but blogs (like GraniteGrok) have slowly crept into the mainstream.  While many of the bloggers have crept into the MSM and most of the MSM outlets have incorporated blogs into their offerings, there has always been a pecking order.   Many have derided bloggers as “not journalists” and certainly early on, […]

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Nashua Telegraph – doing Ray Buckley’s dirty work on Martha’s Motel?

by Skip August 4, 2013

After all, a deflection from wrong doing by using the “well, everybody does it” sounds more like a tweener trying to get out of a bad spot with Mom & Dad rather than from a professional journalistic entity?  Or, is this simply yet another manifestation of how journalism is downgrading itself?  After all, after paying […]

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Bill Whittle – Afterburner: The Truth About Trayvon

by Steve MacDonald July 23, 2013

Things most of the world still does not know about that ‘little angel, the “white Hispanic” guy, and journalists.

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Oh, so THAT’s what they look like!

by Susan Olsen December 23, 2012

Found this over at Ace and thought it would prove an excellent resource for our friends at various of the MSM as they strive for accuracy and balance in the ongoing ‘conversation’:  

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Stacy McCain and Ali Akbar: “Ohio is Mitt’s to Win”

by Mike November 5, 2012

Our intrepid campaign chasers are still at ground zero for this election, taking in in rallies, phone banks, volunteer meetings, and local news and perspective that you simply can’t get from the national media. Stacy’s been observing details, and Ali’s been crunching numbers, to some up with interesting observations: In the Information Age, everybody can […]

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Here’s a “Thank’em” for Papa Smurf for playing with Andrea Mitchell’s head

by Skip October 4, 2012

Also known around these parts as TGOTN (“The Gnome Of The North“).  Well, our official motto IS “Thank’em when they’re right and spank’em when their wrong”.  We’ve been hard on him since the manuver to install Julianne Bergeron as his handpicked success as Chair of the NH GOP (hey, how’s that Wayne MacDonald doing, eh, […]

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Where the Publisher of the Laconia Daily Sun has to apologize for his reporter, Mike Kitch

by Skip September 13, 2012

I do feel sorry for Ed Engler, publisher of the Laconia Daily Sun, up here in the Lakes Region; but he’s ultimately responsible for the quality and correctness of the reporting and writing of his reporters.  He knows this blog post is going up because I just got off the phone with him. While Ed […]

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