John Sununu

And is Papa Sununu ruing his new words?

by Skip February 10, 2016

Remember he said: I have no feeling for the electorate anymore. It is not responding the way it used to. Their priorities are so different that if I tried to analyze it I’d be making it up. Add to it, this which was said before yesterday’s NH Primary: GOPe Hack Sununu: “If Trump Only Wins […]

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Expanding the GOP base; that’s what GOP leadership said to do

by Skip January 24, 2016

Or as Papa Smurf (John Sununu) famously used to say “Talk, talk, talk” to your family, friends, and neighbors to get them to convince them to join with the Republican Party.  Like just pointed out here, Trump has and is doing exactly what he told people to do. 2016 GOP Nominee Preference attended GOP Caucus […]

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I didn’t know that Huckabee and Sununu thought alike?

by Skip January 4, 2016

Strange that.  Must be that mind game the base is hoisting upon the permanent politico class: HUCKABEE CALLS 2016 CYCLE ‘BEWILDERING:’ Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee called the 2016 election cycle perplexing Sunday due to voters shying away from candidates with past political experience. “This has been, of all the election cycles I’ve been involved in, […]

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Gov. John Sununu Is Just Making Stuff Up…

by Steve MacDonald November 30, 2015
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Gov. John Sununu has some explaining to do. Breitbart is reporting that, Sununu said, “I assume that even the Trump supporters want this country to move in a different direction. If Trump is the nominee, we lose — as Republicans we lose the Senate, we lose most of the House and we lose the presidency. […]

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A reflection of Gov. Sununu? Or on his judgment?

by Skip November 2, 2015

After all, this: I have no feeling for the electorate anymore. It is not responding the way it used to. Their priorities are so different that if I tried to analyze it I’d be making it up. And John E Sununu is out in the hustings hustling for John Kasich; it is clear that the Sununus […]

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GrokTALK! – Scott Brown Can’t Change a Tire

by Steve MacDonald June 10, 2015
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Did you know Scott Brown can’t change a tire? We also ponder the irony of Governor John Sununu’s book on George Bush I, there’s news about Bill O’Brien’s new job. Then it’s on to the driving records of spouses of presidential primary candidates, and whether it would be racist and or sexist to bring it […]

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Liberty Wins the Day

by Tom June 1, 2015

At midnight, the Patriot Act provision, which granted the NSA permission to bulk-collect private phone metadata of law abiding American citizens, expired. Law abiding citizens.   Presumption of guilt.  Probable cause.   Sound familiar? When was the last time you can remember Congress doing something, actively or passively, to reduce the scope, size, and power […]

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Notable Quote – Smurf Daddy

by Susan Olsen June 1, 2015

“This idea that some particular single issue disqualifies any of our good candidates is ridiculous and to be very blunt about it, I’m tired of stupid, Republican conservatives – or stupid conservatives, they may not even have a party label,” he said. “I’m tired of stupid conservatives giving Democrats the election.” I’m tired of disgraced […]

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by Steve MacDonald November 18, 2014
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by RLCNH Chairman Aaron Day History was made in advance of the election battle for Speaker of the House between past Speakers Bill O’Brien and Gene Chandler…and it’s not pretty. On November 12, 2014 a group of six “big name Republicans” besmirched themselves and their party by attempting to interfere in the Speaker’s race. The […]

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Tomorrow on GrokTALK! October 15th, 2014

by Steve MacDonald November 14, 2014
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This week on GrokTALK! from The Weekly Standard, Jonathon Last joins us; radio host Pete Ingemi — DaTech guy — comes back to give us a requiem on the 2014 elections.  We will make time to talk about the vote for House Speaker coming up Tuesday, and we may even explore the question, “is it […]

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Is it Time To Put Gov. Sununu Out To Political Pasture?

by Steve MacDonald November 14, 2014
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Hasn’t Governor Sununu done enough damage already?  Before you say it, that win in 2010 (while he was ‘running’ the NHGOP) only happened because of an entire movement in his party that he embraced when he thought they would give him what he wanted, but has since despised and scorned as they have refused to […]

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And his first initial act as Speaker of the NH House will be!

by Skip November 13, 2014

Active GOP Speaker of the NH House Leadership at work according to Papa Smurf (John H. Sununu), Kelly Ayotte, Steve Merrill, Charley Bass, Donna Sytek and Doug Scammon (he who colluded with the Dems to become the Speaker in his time): (H/T: Kimberly)  

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Sununu Flack Does Kathy Sullivan Impression.

by Steve MacDonald August 23, 2014
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The Union leader is reporting a complaint filed against the Hemingway campaign.  Some names were omitted on their campaign finance report and a local attorney has asked the AG to investigate. The complaint has been filed by Sheridan T. Brown, a local “government and public affairs” attorney whose full time occupation prior to 2010 (for […]

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Papa “Pimp” Smurf and Scott Brown

by Tom June 20, 2014

There’s a big shindig coming up at the Tuscan Kitchen in Salem this Monday. Being RINO country, it’s no surprise that “Papa Smurf” Sununu is holding a Scott Brown event in Salem, with NH Senator Chuck “Live Free with Medicaid”  Morse. It’s looking like the kick-off for the “Charge of the RINO Brigade” (or “RINOs Gone Wild @#!“) in […]

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NH GOP vs NH DEM fund raising

by Skip December 5, 2012

NH GOP Chair terms: Fergus Cullen: 2007 – 2008 John Sununu: 2008 – 2010 Jack Kimball 2011 (Jan to Sept) Wayne MacDonald: 2011 (Sept – Dec) – 2012 It is obvious that the threatened shutoff of donations from Washington during Jack Kimball’s term is easily seen; it also seems that NH based PACs also went […]

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NH Journal – Shawn Millerick: stooge for the Gnome of the North

by Skip December 1, 2012

Well, I guess that the battle will now be joined.  Shawn Millerick is a partner / friend with Pat Hynes (a former friend and co-host in “Meet The New Press” radio show that was the number one talk show in the NH Lakes Region) in NH Journal (and other activities) decided that NH Journal was […]

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Here’s a “Thank’em” for Papa Smurf for playing with Andrea Mitchell’s head

by Skip October 4, 2012

Also known around these parts as TGOTN (“The Gnome Of The North“).  Well, our official motto IS “Thank’em when they’re right and spank’em when their wrong”.  We’ve been hard on him since the manuver to install Julianne Bergeron as his handpicked success as Chair of the NH GOP (hey, how’s that Wayne MacDonald doing, eh, […]

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Governer Sununu Takes It To The Hole

by Steve MacDonald May 30, 2012

Governor Sununu looks a bit too much like Mr. Magoo here, but he’s running on all cylinders.  Why are you at CNN bringing up the birther debate when Governor Romney’s position is clear?  Why don’t you care about what Bill Maher does or says as an Obama advocate?  Why is CNN bringing up yesterdays left […]

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