John Hawkins

Tales from the “Tolerant” Left – Hating On Conservative Women

by Steve MacDonald March 10, 2018

Liberal Democrats are intolerant, hypocritical douchebag haters. If you doubt me look no further than Dana Loesch. Smart, attractive, talented, capable, mom, wife, worked hard to become successful and she is. Dana can bring home the bacon and can fry it up in the pan. And liberals should love her. She is every bit of empowered womanhood they […]

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But will conservatives admit and learn?

by Skip December 5, 2017

‘Grok friend John Hawkins (RightWingNews) has a column over at Townhall on 7 observations he’s learned during the last year.  I’ve put the first one up in its entirety as it shows a massive shift on how a lot of folks on the Right are changing their view on morality and politics simply because the Left […]

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John Hawkins lets LOOSE a wicked micro-rant on Liberals and Hate!

by Skip August 5, 2017

John was one of the first of the national level bloggers that linked to GraniteGrok during our early years from his RightWingNews site.  I later had the chance to meet and talk with him several time at various conservative events and get togethers to swap stories and just talk shop.  Interesting because early on, he […]

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Notable Quotes – P.J. O’Rourke, Thomas Sowell, and John Hawkins on Duty, Consequences, and Responsibility

by Skip December 9, 2014

“There is only one basic human right, the right to do as you damn well please. And with it comes the only basic human duty, the duty to take the consequences.” — P.J. O’Rourke ***** “We seem to be moving steadily in the direction of a society where no one is responsible for what he himself did,but we […]

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RightWingNews Right of Center Poll: Result of Tuesday Night?

by Skip November 5, 2012

Updated and bumped:  The results are in at RightWingNews: 1) Who do you think is going to win the election?  Mitt Romney 87.9% (58 votes) Barack Obama 12.1% (8 votes)  2) Whom are you voting for?  Mitt Romney 92.6% (63 votes) Gary Johnson 2.9% (2 votes) I’m not voting 2.9% (2 votes) Won’t say 1.5% […]

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A new site from ‘Grok friend, John Hawkins – PicaQuote!

by Skip September 17, 2012

John is one of the few independent professional bloggers that I know and his first blog, RightWingNews, was one of the first of the national level blogs that started linking to us when we opened the doors here at GraniteGrok.  He was also a favorite guest on our radio show “Meet The New Press”.  Since […]

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I can agree with John Hawkins on these!

by Skip June 3, 2012

‘Grok friend John Hawkins from RightWingsNews has a list of 20 things that he, as a Conservative, believes in for his latest TownHall column.  Here’s a few of my Likes – but as always, GRTWT: 1) Any illegal alien caught in this country should be forever barred from legally visiting this country, working here, or […]

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In Memorium: RightWingNews’s furry Patton

by Skip May 22, 2012

John Hawkins from RightWingNews has been a friend to GraniteGrok right from the start as he was one of the first of the national blogs ever to link us up.  Then, he was a constant and valued guest on Meet The New Press through out its run and I finally got to meet him in […]

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GrokTalk! Saturday April 30th , 2011

by Steve MacDonald April 30, 2011

Live Streaming local and National News with opinion you could only get from GraniteGrok.

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