John E. Sununu

Have we been down this Sununu road before?

by Skip September 13, 2018

I took a LOT of crap for writing this post about then US Senator John E. Sununu’s lack of campaigning – and Jeanne Shaheen cleaned his campaign clock and took his seat away. So I ask once again – how much campaigning has one seen from latest / youngest scion of the Super Sununu family lately?  […]

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What, John E. Sununu, WE’RE not your most “Right wing extremist blog”? We’ve failed you!

by Skip February 10, 2016

After all John, John Kasich has said the following: “Isn’t that interesting,” Kasich said as the crowd around her gasped. However, without mentioning his political allegiance or correcting the voter, Kasich went on to position himself as a good compromise between Sanders and Clinton saying, “One of them’s too hot, one of them’s too cold, […]

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