John Adams

Stubborn things

by Susan Olsen June 12, 2015

It occurred to me that perhaps Governor Hassan’s Most High Deputy Minion (MHDM) Christopher Kennedy may have found himself between a rock and a hard place after yesterday’s meeting with representatives of the Women’s Defense League where he was presented with the history of NH’s 92 years of legal discrimination. How so, you might ask. […]

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Notable Quote: John Adams – On Property

by Steve MacDonald September 12, 2013

I could not help but notice how this is very-nearly, if not exactly, where we seem to be today. -Steve Perhaps, at first, prejudice, habit, shame or fear, principle or religion, would restrain the poor from attacking the rich, and the idle from usurping on the industrious; but the time would not be long before […]

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Notable Quote – Plus!: On Restraining the ‘Passions of Men’

by Steve MacDonald December 29, 2012

“For Conservative thinkers believe that man is corrupt, that his appetites need restraint, and that the forces of custom, authority, law, and government, as well as moral discipline, are required to keep sin in check.” -Quintin Hogg       “Experience has ever shown, that education, as well as religion, aristocracy, as well as democracy […]

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