Joe Wernig

Tales from the BudComm – So how do you rectify those two statements, Sean?

by Skip July 27, 2018

As I said in the last issue in this Tales from the BudComm series, I became real concerned when freshman Joe Wernig first said, and then Chair Sean Murphy assented, that we weren’t supposed to be changing GL accounts – the line items in the “recommendations” (verbiage from RSA 32) that the School District / […]

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RRftSotRP – I get stuff. Third lesson: “if only the opposition would just go away or agree with us”

by Skip June 20, 2018

Not a freaking clue: Wow – just wow.  RRftSotRP (Republican Republican for the Sake of the Rebin big steaming piles on this one. The writer is obviously upset in that there is not total agreement with NH GOP Party anointed candidates.  The overriding message is exemplified by this: (courtesy of uber-Progressive Joe Wernig) Er, no, I’m […]

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Tales from the Budcomm – they don’t want to do their jobs?

by Skip June 7, 2018

I’m a bit late on commenting on this – the last meeting was on May 24th.  While the entire 2 hour video can be seen here (and if you are concerned with openness and transparency, there’s quite a dollop of it, care of moi), I’ve clipped out the part that had my eyebrows up over my […]

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GrokTV Interview: Jilletta Jarvis, Libertarian Candidate for NH Governor

by Skip March 13, 2018

The last of the quick interviews from the Women’s Defense League of NH was with Jilletta Jarvis who is the Libertarian candidate for NH Government. In real life, she seems to be a nice lady; I may not share her issues in toto and I do think she needs to work on her “quick stump […]

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Tales from the BudComm – People upset for just doing our job and doing it more efficiently???

by Skip March 12, 2018

We had a Special Meeting of the BudComm tonite to rectify a huge problem that I found this year by reading through the NH RSAs that govern the budgetary process that must be followed by towns that have adopted SB2 and implemented official Budget Committees.  Since the beginning of our town using SB2, the BudComm […]

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Tales from the BudComm – election time edition

by Skip March 9, 2018

Yep, it’s that time of year, and in my hamlet, only the BudComm has contested races – go figure!  The “Gilford Democrats” are all up in arms thinking that the BudComm members are going to take the their School Board budget and almost all of them are on the Government payroll (or family members are).  […]

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Socialism has always tried to hide itself from American Principles since the beginning – and then subvert them

by Skip January 17, 2018

Finally, Dewey arguably did more than any other reformer to repackage progressive social theory in a way that obscured just how radically its principles departed from those of the American founding. I have held onto this copy of National Review for nine years with its cover turned back to keep this article topmost.  In doing […]

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Teen Porn peddled as “thematic value” by Gilford School Board – Part 1

by Skip May 6, 2014

I became aware of why William Baer (“Billy”) ended up getting arrested last night – the book “Nineteen Minutes” and its depiction of two teens having rough sex as well as violence acts came to my attention this past Thursday – am late blogging this mostly because of the NH GOP Annual Meeting and all the video […]

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Another thing that this Voter Challenge made me realize

by Skip April 11, 2012

Like I said here, we had a political ideologue by the name of Joe Wernig issue, in my opinion, a thinly veiled attempt of political intimidation by trying to keep local Libertarian activist Barbara Aichinger off the local ballot via a Voter Role Challenge (complete video here of the hearing, with more commentary above that […]

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You know, it would be good to get it right, Mr. Kitch

by Skip April 11, 2012

Yesterday was a “day off from work / a day of blogging activities” for me as I had promised a lady in our town, Barbara Aichinger,  to video record a Supervisor of the Checklist hearing.  The back story is just before our local election last month, local Democrat activist and public employee  Joe “No Show” […]

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