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Medicaid Expansion is 49% More Expensive Than Originally “Estimated.”

by Steve MacDonald July 29, 2016

Medicaid Expansion is 49% more expensive than originally estimated. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Medicaid expansion costs are much higher than predicted — not that HHS has been eager to share that information. Brian Blase, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, reviewed the department’s latest actuarial […]

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2016 NH Governor Primary – am I the only one thinking Ted Gatsas is highly misleading on this?

by Skip July 15, 2016

Where “this” would be Medicaid Expansion here in NH (or as Steve points out, a step to “a single-payer system.”).  Here’s what current Manchester Mayor Ted Gatsas said at the Windham GOP Gubernatorial Debate (emphasis mine, reformatted): However, the candidates differed on a few key issues, including whether to continue Medicaid expansion and whether they support […]

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Here is the NH GOP Chair doing the rah-rah for Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

by Skip April 4, 2016

BUMPED: in doing some research (after all, we pretty much talk about all things political so with close to 25,000 posts, the ‘Grok has become its own research center), I came across this where NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn was boosting Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion.  First published on 11/18/2013, it shows that, 3 years later, how […]

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Did The Union Leader Intend to Sell a Big Lie About NH Medicaid Expansion?

by Steve MacDonald December 11, 2015
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In one of Grant Bosse’s UL editorials this morning he takes Sen. Jeff Woodburn to task for exaggerating the value of Medicaid expansion. He’s right to do so but did he intend to sell another lie about the expansion in the process? (Emphasis mine.) Expansion supporters like Woodburn will have a chance to make their case in […]

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NH RINO’s Continue To Wander Toward Chris Christie’s Watering Hole

by Steve MacDonald December 7, 2015
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The Christie endorsement roll out continues, in an effort to create the appearance of momentum, and why not? The other RINO’s are mingling about in single digits, their supporters uninspired, might as well try to get the moderate Establishment to coalesce around someone. Why not Chris Christie? Monday, December 7, 2015 MORRISTOWN, NJ – This morning on […]

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NH BOE’s Bill Duncan is lying and working against children and parental rights

by Kimberly Morin May 18, 2015

Today ‘School Choice for New Hampshire’ wrote about the latest compromise in House Bill 323 – “An Act relative to the administration of the statewide assessment program.” Proponents of the original bill want to take local control out of the hands of parents and school boards and have it at a regional level. Opponents are […]

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Education Bill ALERT: HB 323 Compromise in Jeopardy

by Kimberly Morin May 18, 2015

Guest post from Michelle Levell: HB 323, the waiver bill, has been an extremely complicated and contentious bill all year. Multiple amendments have been proposed, but only one offered an acceptable compromise, the Bradley amendment, #1572s. Only this amendment specifically allows the SAT or ACT to be used as the 11th grade statewide assessment and […]

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In Honor Of SB120 (Now Signed) And Its Sponsor

by Mike July 30, 2014

(Bumped due to this abomination being signed into law today!) With Apologies to Jerry Holbert, and to remind our readers who is responsible for the SB120 incumbency protection act (see Steve’s article), I offer this tortured version of Holbert’s masterpiece:

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Citizens for A Strong NH Releases TV ads – Directed at NH Senate…Republicans.

by Steve MacDonald May 14, 2014
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Yesterday Citizens for a Strong NH released a series of Radio ads directed at NH State Senate Republicans.  Today they announced the release of TV ads…along the same theme. Here’s the first one…  

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Why The NH State Senate Republicans Must Bail on BradleyCare!

by Steve MacDonald March 4, 2014
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Every day there are more people, and more reasons made public for not expanding Medicaid in New Hampshire–what I have dubbed ‘BradleyCare!  But this may be the single most important reason of all. I better preface this first. Do you recall the left’s reaction to the O’Brien Budget?  Do you remember how Democrats responded when […]

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The Cost of Medicaid Has Increased 31,212 %

by Steve MacDonald February 26, 2014
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If NH Senate Republicans would like to do some more math on just how much that best-case scenario 10% is going to cost their New Hampshire constituents over the long haul, (Democrats don’t care, by the way) they might want to factor this in as well. c/o The Daily Caller Using government data, in his […]

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GrokTALK! Feb 22nd 2014 Morse & Bradley Alone on Their Political Island

by Steve MacDonald February 24, 2014
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We open the show with the side effects of the New Hampshire “Republican embrace of Obamacare.”  County and City Republican committee’s have begun making formal announcements in opposition to the Republican Senate’s effort to expand medicaid in the Granite State.  Skip and Steve explore the self-isolation of State Senators Morse and Bradley, (Odell, Stiles, etc.), […]

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The Republican Wing of the Democrat Party & SB 413

by Susan Olsen February 17, 2014

Tomorrow, these gentlemen are going to begin the process of ramming Medicaid Expansion through the elitist seats of the NH State Senate.  Word has it that after paying lip-service to a “public hearing” before the Senate Committee on Health, Education and Human Services, chaired by alleged Republican Nancy Stiles, the Committee will exec the bill […]

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The GOP Establishment: Craven Wussies, Really Dumb, or Just Democrats?

by Scott Morales February 14, 2014
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“Cossetted, craven, wussies or just contemptible charlatans?” That’s how I initially started this post. But things changed as I was writing it. I’ve been mostly absent from my perch here at the Grok due to other pressing responsibilities, but this past week, against the backdrop of the previous week, just made me wretch and I […]

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NH SB 120 The Democrats Long Sought ‘Wall Of Separation’ Between “Free” and “Speech” (Sponsored by Republicans)

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2014
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Rumor has it that the NH Republican majority Senate is ready to dust off Republican sponsored SB 120, and push it through the legislature.  The democrats could not be happier. SB 120 is a bill that redefines what a committee is, and what classifies as an expenditure for the purposes of political speech.  And it […]

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Good question…

by Susan Olsen February 8, 2014

A reader posed this question…  

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So, DC Republicans are fighting to lower the Medicaid Expansion Fed Funds – NOW??

by Skip November 18, 2013

Oh, this is gonna up the stock price of Bepto Bismol – and more than a few NH State Senate Republicans ought to start heading to the stores now – like Jeb Bradley, Chuck Morse, and Nancy Stiles.  All the best laid plans – upset by DC Republicans who actually think spending less is a […]

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Birthright – SOLD!

by Susan Olsen November 14, 2013
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So taking Medicaid money from the Feds (who don’t have it in the first place) is a GREAT demonstration of Republicanism?

by Skip November 11, 2013

“Cloward – Piven:  Obamacare is not about given healthcare coverage to the poor, or even assuming just Control over 1/6th of the US economy.  It is THE tool to collapse the entire system.  Not just healthcare. Everything” Or one of appeasement (er, under the guise of “taking it off the table” aka “they can’t club […]

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GrokTalk! 10-19-13 Segment One – The Philosophical Split in the GOP

by Steve MacDonald October 21, 2013
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Skip and Steve open the show with a conversation about the philisophical split in the GOP between the liberty and freedom side and the Establishment wing.  Between the principle-based conservatives and the surrender caucus. And about the NH-GOP ignoring big-picture problems just in case they sweep up a Republican or two on the road to […]

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NH Democrats Jamming The Phones in Colorado

by Ed Naile September 7, 2013
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Did you hear that the Manchester Paper has a story about NH State senator Jeb Bradley’s son voting in Colorado where he went to college – and by absentee here in NH? Well I did. And I was thinking, how did the “investigative journalist” at the Manchester Paper get that kind of info from an […]

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Who Else Does UL “Investigative” Reporter John DiStaso Work For..?

by Steve MacDonald September 6, 2013

Investigative Journalist John DiStaso, Union Leader, has had a knack for “uncovering and reporting” potential evidence of Vote Fraud committed by family members of New Hampshire Republicans. He was all over Neil Kirk’s daughter, who has a New Hampshire’s Driver’s license, but never mentions if Jeanne Shaheen’s daughter Molly, whom he mentions as having voted […]

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The Cat and Mouse Game of Voter Fraud in New Hampshire Has Many Twists and Turns

by Ed Naile September 6, 2013

Today I found out from an article in the Manchester Paper that there was another “investigation” into voter fraud by someone. Good grief!  The article I read doesn’t even say who investigated this example of voter fraud. Read on readers:  This time it was, again, a Republican being accused of voter fraud.  How interesting.  Here […]

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As Good A Time As Any To Warn You About This Kind Of Vote Fraud

by Steve MacDonald September 6, 2013
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The Union Leader is reporting that while in college in Colorado, Sebastian Bradley, son of New Hampshire Republican Jeb Bradley, voted in Colorado–where he was attending College, and also voted absentee in New Hampshire. If it is true he needs to suffer for that.  We’ve made it clear that we have zero tolerance for this […]

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Jeb Bradley – “Family comes first”

by Skip September 3, 2013

I just caught the news from WMUR (have been out most of the day) that Jeb Bradley has ruled himself out for state wide office; on the news he said that he has two ailing family members.  “Family First” – a moral imperative that should be taking first place in his life regardless of what […]

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Where Does Jeb Bradley Stand on The Minimum Wage?

by Steve MacDonald May 28, 2013

The New Hampshire Democrat Party is wondering where Republican State Senator (and likely candidate for higher office) Jeb Bradley stands on the minimum wage?  I confess, so do I. Does State Senator Bradley embrace the left’s obsessive desire to depress employment among teens and minorities by using legislative force to define the value of labor or is he more inclined to let […]

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Why Would NH State Senator Jeb Bradley Want to Harpoon the Nano-Brewery Bill?

by Steve MacDonald April 30, 2013

Word has it that a backroom deal has been ‘crafted’ to harpoon the nano-brewery bill. I say ‘backroom’ and ‘crafted’ because a recent executive committee session for HB253 did not attract a single lobbyist.  The New Hampshire beer cartel didn’t send any hired guns to pimp their interests.  No one from the liquor commission bothered to show […]

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SB 0120 – Let’s name the names, shall we? Jeb Bradley (R), Sharon Carson (R), Bob Odell (R), Shawn Jasper (R), Gary Richardson (D)

by Skip February 4, 2013

Let me get this off my chest: I am now ashamed that GraniteGrok, Meet the New Press (our former radio show), and I, did all we could to help Jeb Bradley, the prime sponsor of this Act, beat “Bathroom Bud” Martin in that special election that seems so long ago.  I was told he was […]

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Maggie Hassan – Partisan Voting 98% of the Time

by Steve MacDonald October 24, 2012

Tom Cronin with Ovide for Governor sent out a press release today questioning this statement by Democrat Maggie Hassan.  “One of the things I really worked on in the State Senate was making sure that when we develop policy; everybody comes to the table to do it. … I’ve always found it really important that […]

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Another Amended Filing in CD-1

by Steve MacDonald September 1, 2010

Well don’t act surprised because NH-01 candidate Rich Ashooh’s will have to amend his FEC filing. It appears he failed to list all his “secret” bank accounts on his original filing. In fact, the filing fails to list any accounts, no investments, funds, savings, nothing–just his salary income, his mortgage, and the board or committees on which he sits. Rich Ashooh has no savings or investments? Where’s the false outrage?

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