Jayne Millerick

Was Millerick Donating Regularly to a PAC that Supports Prominent Democrats?

by Steve MacDonald December 6, 2012

NH Journal took its first shot at Andrew Hemingway for daring to challenge the Republican establishments anointed candidate for NH-GOP chair.  Shawn Millerick sources his most recent remarks on the race for New Hampshire Republican State Party Chairman from a ‘Republican Reader,’ who forwarded to him a piece by the more-often-than-not left wing political meme […]

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NH Journal – Shawn Millerick: stooge for the Gnome of the North

by Skip December 1, 2012

Well, I guess that the battle will now be joined.  Shawn Millerick is a partner / friend with Pat Hynes (a former friend and co-host in “Meet The New Press” radio show that was the number one talk show in the NH Lakes Region) in NH Journal (and other activities) decided that NH Journal was […]

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