James Taranto

Mission Accomplished – Kamikaze Christie Exits The Race

by Mike February 10, 2016

When notable figures leave the presidential race, WSJ’s James Taranto immortalizes their departure with a little Haiku. Herewith the “Bye-Ku” for Christie: Mr. Roboto Domo Arigato. I’m A kamikaze Paraphrasing: “Thanks, Robotic Rubio – you’re dead and I’m back to NJ….. you’re welcome!!”

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Unidentified Man Gets 3rd Place, No Respect!

by Mike November 6, 2015

Talk about Slow Bern: The humor of James Taranto, WSJ – Best of the Web – can be biting, but occasionally obscure. The article, last week, was about Bernie Sanders deciding that refusing to attack Clinton out of chivalry was a losing proposition – something OUR nominee should remember when facing her next year. The […]

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A meditation on abortion in America…

by Tim Condon April 20, 2013

…and the hubris-laden Supreme Court ruling in Roe v. Wade in 1973. But wait. It does read in part that “If abortion is evil, almost everybody is at least a little bit guilty. There have been more than 50 million abortions in America since 1973….Maybe you’ve had, or facilitated, one. Very likely someone you know […]

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Democrats Against ObamaCare – WSJ’s James Taranto

by Mike February 20, 2013

In his column today, “The Devil Made Them Do It“, WSJ’s James Taranto reports that some Democrats are finding that the Devil of Obamacare is in the details, of implementation, that is. A group of the same mental giants that brought us Obamacare were getting angry with Gary Cohen, head of the Center for Consumer […]

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