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James Pindell Lands at the Boston Globe

by Steve MacDonald January 1, 2015
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Congrats to James Pindell on his new gig at the Boston Globe. (Dan Kennedy at Media Nation) “…, some other Globe news: veteran New Hampshire political reporter James Pindell is returning to the Globe as “a digital-first political reporter and playing a key role in our effort to augment our coverage of the first-in-the-nation contest,” […]

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James Pindell confirms much of “current Wisdom” – a hand behind the Throne

by Skip December 21, 2014

On today’s WMUR’s CloseUp, James Pindell is asked by Josh McElveen about Kelly Ayotte’s support of the events that led to the election of the Democrat appointed Speaker Shawn Jasper and her actions going forward.  In doing so, Pindell lays plain what many “out here” believe to be true: McElveen: If you are Kelly Ayotte […]

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“Where, oh where has our little Jimmy gone? Where, oh where can he be?”

by Skip November 7, 2014

Update: Really – still nothing?  Not even an up to date Political Standing?  I called WMUR just now and the news desk person didn’t know but said she hadn’t see him all week and had no clue as to his status (he is still listed on their News staff)- she transferred me to Alicia (sp?), a […]

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“Who will the elite media vote for”, James Pindell?

by Skip November 2, 2014

James Pindell – in the footsteps of George Stephanopolous and Candy Crowly, you put yourself squarely as “Poster Boy” for this ad this cycle: Don’t worry James, as I have pointed out before, your WMUR compadres have blazed that trail for you. (H/T: Campaign Spot)

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Oof – It’s gotta be bad when even MSNBC criticizes you, James Pindell!

by Skip October 31, 2014

Yeah, James Pindell certainly made himself the story of the US Senate debate – and it went national – when he decided he knew NH’s geography better than Brown (e.g., Sullivan County).  But really, when the most Leftward leaning cable networks, MSNBC, goes after you with one of the most Leftward leaning “journalists”,  National Public Radio’s […]

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James ‘Candy Crowley’ Pindell – the Walkback Edition over Sullivan County brouhaha

by Skip October 31, 2014

Sorry, but Steve’s post title was too good to pass up on.  Yes, the truth wins out and Scott Brown was right and James Pindell was wrong about the geography of Sullivan County here in NH.  Or, the alternative view was that they are both right (Sullivan County is BOTH West and North of Concord, […]

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James ‘Candy Crowley’ Pindell

by Steve MacDonald October 31, 2014
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Hey, everyone gets a nick-name, and thanks to last nights Brown-Shaheen Debate, James gets a new one. And Scott Brown has now given the Democrats some hope.  He included Sullivan County in ‘The North Country,’ which started a twitter debate about how Sullivan county is west and mostly north of Concord, whether north of Concord […]

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Lame questions, better answers

by Skip October 25, 2014

I guess Pindell is having an off week – scanning through his questions of the week, I was rather disappointed with the offerings.  Oh well, c’est la – go with what’s there, laying on the street. Will Republicans come home to Scott Brown in the final week or sit on their hands? Oh sure: Will […]

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So now we know what Walt Havenstein thinks of the TEA Party and 9/12 Project

by Kimberly Morin July 9, 2014

Article bumped because WMUR’s video, posted by James Pindell**, has been taken down, and we have inserted a slice of the original video, PUBLISHED on iTunesU by Smith College. (Jump to 6 Minutes, 7 Seconds) Apparently Papa Smurf’s pick for Governor, Walt Havenstein, isn’t too bright (or, as most think, just another Establishment pick).  A video […]

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About That Rising Latino Star…

by Steve MacDonald May 28, 2014
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Last Friday Skip took a few minutes to respond to James Pindell’s weekly NH Political Standing report. Skip asks… Isn’t it racist to think that just because someone has a Spanish derived surname that they should be able to  speak Spanish? Being a part of the fourth branch of government might provide Mr. Pindell with […]

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And I thought the answer would have been obvious to the genius class!

by Skip May 16, 2014

He’s got questions, I’ve got answers!  I would have thought that this would have been self-evident: “Why haven’t conservatives put Benghazi to the side for a moment and gone full bore into reported 40 deaths at VA hospitals that could immently take out a member of Obama’s cabinet?” A number of reasons, James: First off, […]

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He’s got questions, I’ve got observations and answers

by Skip February 10, 2014

Sometimes, it’s easy and sometimes, there’s not much to work with.  But as I’ve said before, if Pindell is gonna ask, SOMEBODY has to answer……even if it is only me.  From last Friday’s Political Scoop: What did Andrew Hemingway’s camp make of Jeb Bradley’s comments on CloseUP that if Brown gets in the U.S. Senate […]

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Oh James? Methinks you owe Karen Testerman a bit of an apology!

by Skip December 22, 2013

Umm, I didn’t see you, Mr. Pindell, over at the “Second Amendment Corner” either!  Not all that hard to have found it – all that Hunter Orange and such.  So I found this a bit, well, silly: “If Karen Testerman, Gary Lambert and Marilinda Garcia had any political instincts whatsoever they wouldn’t have walked inside […]

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Now she is acting like the person why I voted for the other one.

by Skip October 20, 2013

This is from Pindell: “Ayotte is now acting like the person people thought they voted for.”  James, let me remind you that I’m not the only one – and they were LOUD.  He continues: However, during the shutdown, Ayotte came into her own politically. She was no longer following the lead of mentors like U.S. […]

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The odds of either of them doing this is…

by Skip October 20, 2013

…slim and none.  Methinks Pindell might have just been looking for a word count: Jack Kimball/Jeff Chidester: If this pair of friends decides to publicly get behind someone in a Republican primary, it will serve as a clear signal to tea party activists of which way to go. Kimball is the former state Republican Party […]

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A Party of Pastels – yeah, that will motivate the base (the cowards)

by Skip October 20, 2013

The conservative base is looking for STRONG candidates – those that know the issues, those that have actual stances of granite built on solid philosophy (instead of dingleberry type positions that flapped in every political wind / event that comes along), and those can inspire them that they will do what they say and keep […]

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OK. I’ll play that game…

by Skip October 4, 2013

Political Scoop – every Friday (mostly – he’s not as prolific as we are) Pindell puts up his Political Standing weekly and it generally has a Questions of the Week in it. Given that he mentioned us, I’ll play along with it: What are we to make of the Union Leader linking to Granite Grok […]

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Answering the question that WMUR’s Pindell asks: As if Conservatives don’t already know the answer?

by Skip August 9, 2013

From today’s Political Standing: Why haven’t conservatives suggested the closing of local supermarket chains have some something to do with Obamacare? (Even if there is no evidence of it.)? Betcha that took a long time of contemplation. Leave it to WMUR to ask a question, intimating that Conservatives should manufacturing a cloud of dust about […]

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But there was a Republican Sheriff there!

by Skip May 4, 2013

From this week’s Political Scoop: This is not to excuse some of the national types. They story was there in the audience. Ayotte’s team was able to pack the audience the same way gun control groups artificially packed the audience. But Team Ayotte wasn’t doing any effective blocking and tackling either. Just one example: with […]

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Some thoughts on the Pindell / Cline / Douglas criticisms of the Honor Your Oath Rally – Part 1

by Skip April 25, 2013

I’m not even sure that James Pindell, Chuck Douglas, and Drew Cline were even at the same rally I was from reading their criticism (one at the WMUR site, two Union Leader Op-Eds)  – or even bothered to watched the videos that were up at several sites.  Each of them decided to tear the folks […]

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“Honor Your Oath” Rally – NH State Reps John Hikel and Dan Itse

by Skip April 14, 2013

Verified Complaint of Breach of Oath of Office and Conspiracy against Rights At the rally yesterday, the next speaker was NH State Rep. John Hikel.  As the above line (and link) shows, he along with Jack Kimball signed the complaint that was delivered to the correct authorities on Thursday. The reason?  If you swear an […]

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Why, James? We’ll let you know what you missed later – maybe at the Rally, even.

by Skip April 12, 2013

On the occasion of the day of the week being Friday, I sometimes go over to WMUR‘s Political Scoop to see what Pindell is yakking about in NH politics. Hey, it’s what we political bloggers do here in NH and everywhere else – find a story and take a riff off it or a fisking […]

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James Pindell interviews Senator Rand Paul

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2013

Back on February 5th James Pindell interviewed Senator Rand Paul on the WGIR morning show.  Foreign Policy, Immigration, Right to Work, and more… If you missed it, well–here it is. (Audio) [jwplayer mediaid=”47238″]

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Andrew Manuse on WMUR

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2012

Andrew is the Executive Secretary of the RLCNH, the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire, and he sat down for a few minutes with WMUR’s James Pindell to talk about not running for office again, and the current state of the Republican Party in New Hampshire.  

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In answer to James Pindell: how many?

by Skip April 22, 2012

Over at WMUR Political Scoop, James has a weekly feature of Up and Down on which he comments on the political waves of the week past as well as what he can see from the top of yardarm (and we shan’t posit on the method by which he was hoisted up there); this week he […]

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Where Diane Lacy, President of NH SEA / SEIU can’t even get simple facts right – and tips hand on the upcoming NH election cycle.

by Skip January 22, 2012

On WMUR “Closeup” this morning, replacement host James Pindell interviewed Diane Lacy, President of the NH State Employee Association and NH Rep. Will Infantine (R-Manchester) during his first segment).  Well, during the interview, Ms. Lacy shows that either she has no grasp of real facts or is just what many people believe: that the SEIU […]

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Yes, we are still here, James, and thanks for noticing!

by Skip January 1, 2012

Every Friday (pretty much), James Pindell at WMUR Political Scoop does his Up and Down for the past week; given that it’s New Year’s, he swapped the timeline for the year’s span; in his Down side, he had this: Local political blogosphere: With Dean Barker no longer running the day to day of Blue Hampshire, […]

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