Shariah Law – this certainly cements that “Islam, Religion of Peace” meme doesn’t it? Part 1

by Skip February 14, 2015

Liberty Unyielding: Syrian man beheaded for violating Sharia law … by lighting up a smoke “This is not permissible, Sheikh.” That’s what someone had scrawled in Arabic on the decapitated corpse found last month in the eastern Syrian city of Al-Mayadeen, reports the Los Angeles Times. The reference was to a cigarette still firmly planted between the lips of the severed […]

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Nigel Farage, Britains UKIP leader, on the Muslim ghettos

by Skip January 13, 2015

France is not the only European county that has Muslim dominated “no go” zones where not even the police can go – Britain has a lot of problems as well and Farage talks about where Shar’ia law is the law of the land and not British law.  Jihad by demographics and by immigration (and the British […]

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Why Didn’t Obama Go To Paris?

by Steve MacDonald January 12, 2015
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The excuses will make no sense, the media protection will be mindless.  There was no good reason for Obama to not go to Paris to stand with the world in opposition to Islamofascist terror or in defence of free speech. (Roger Simon) A liberal friend emailed me that it was admittedly a ‘political mistake.’ ‘Political,’ […]

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“a form of totalitarianism called Islamism—politics as religion, religion as politics.”

by Skip January 11, 2015

We don’t fight against “extremists” or “terrorists” – that in itself is an indication of weakness. Terror is a tactic, used by an enemy to change political wills, but not the enemy itself. We do fight against a political ideology as authoritarian that in Shar’ia Law, wishes to control every aspect of your life in the tiniest […]

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Bumped for Charlie Hebdo: I think this works for “Draw Mohammed Day”…

by Skip January 7, 2015

Bumped from 4/26/2010 – another post.  The “Mohammed “Blow UP” turban was a nice touch… ******************* Well, this isn’t supposed to happen for a bit later on, but Chris Muir (of the “Day by Day” cartoon strip fame) decided not to wait for the appointed day….Pefectly skewing! Marketing Mohammed (H/T: Big Journalism)

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Bumped for Charlie Hebdo: the Hate – Draw Mohammed Day!

by Skip January 7, 2015

Given what the Islamists did in Paris by killing 12 satirists at Charlie Hebdo, I thought it right to bring back up some posts from 2010 from “Draw Mohammed Day” in order to show that Free Speech should be unconditional.  NO one and NO thing should be excluded just because some says “Blasphemy!”.  Yes, I […]

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Obama: “US could and should be regarded as a Muslim country”

by Skip October 22, 2014

Before a couple of family matters popped up, I had been trying to find a better description of this event as well as an actual transcription from it on Canal+; all I am seeing is a bunch of “cut and paste” posts which always tend to make me leery but coming out of this source, I tend […]

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Oklahoma Woman Beheaded By Islamist

by Steve MacDonald September 26, 2014
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CBS News Moore Police Sgt. Jeremy Lewis said Friday that 30-year-old Alton Nolen had been terminated from Vaughan Foods in Moore shortly before the incident took place on Thursday afternoon. Colleen Hufford, 54, was beheaded and another woman, 43-year-old Traci Johnson, was stabbed. Both victims were employees of Vaughan Foods, but according to Lewis, it […]

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COEXIST – I’ve always hated that bumper sticker

by Skip August 24, 2014

Coexist is a fairy tale and here is the reason why: life is not a series of Kumbuyah moments.  Sure, there can be times when the lion lies down with the lamb but most of the time, the lamb is merely a mouthful: With Jihad, there can only be one… (H/T: Powerline)

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Obama says he is for religious freedom; why no comment about this anti-Christian crusade by Muslims?

by Skip July 20, 2014

Convert, move, pay the Jizya infidel tax, or die From Yahoo News, this snippet from an announcement the newly emerging Islamic State (“Caliphate”) saying they are taking their “country” back to Muslim traditions with respect to Christians (reformatted, emphasis mine): BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Islamist insurgents have issued an ultimatum to northern Iraq’s dwindling Christian population […]

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Jeanne Shaheen’s Impressive Progressive Appeasment Muscle Memory

by Steve MacDonald May 19, 2014
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The Progressive-appeasment muscle memory must have just  kicked-in when NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen wanted to make sure we didn’t confuse Boko Haram with Islam.  Boko Haram, whose full name, translated, means “People Committed to the Propagation of the Prophet’s Teachings and Jihad,” kidnapped hundreds of girls and converted them to Islam.  But hey, propagation of the […]

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Clearer and clearer – Determined Weakness

by Skip September 29, 2013

In foreign policy, this means cozying up to our enemies while putting “the nose in the air” when dealing with our “former” allies.  Yes, the scare quotes are intentional. To be specific, if you were Israel, would this be all that comforting?  This from the This Week with [Clinton’s former wonder boy] George Stephy’s interview […]

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Middle East Embassy Airlift

by Steve MacDonald August 6, 2013

Not for nothing but one of the goals of the Islamists, be they the Muslim Brotherhood variety with whom Barack Obama has aligned, or the Shiite/Syria/Iran variety with whom he appears to be opposing, is to remove all foreign influence from the region.  There can be no taint.  That is part of the reason why […]

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Because Christians haven’t figured out how to defend their faith…

by Susan Olsen July 26, 2013

Ascendant Muslims have made it clear that they will defend their faith – because they don’t care what you think. Christians are perceived to be weak – they don’t fight back (literally or figuratively).

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“Diversity” under Swedish socialism: It’s great! (And could this happen in New Hampshire?)

by Tim Condon May 25, 2013

After five straight nights of rioting and arson in Stockholm, Sweden—the rioters always being described as “disaffected youths”—someone says “In Sweden you’ve got welfare, access to [picture follows!]…

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The Sedately Blindfolded…

by Scott Morales April 11, 2013

At first glance, I thought “oh, a juxtaposition of encroaching Islam and the West’s willing full blindness to it”. But after just an exhale, I thought, the clear, focused eye of the vigilant vs the languid, insouciant, and blithe blindfolded adorning rube extends beyond the global cultural tectonic  shifts.  The blindfold’s breadth is exceedingly broad.  […]

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Mark Steyn on freedom of thought, political correctness, and the homosexual agenda

by Tim Condon April 6, 2013

The very erudite and always witty Mark Steyn has a column up at National Review Online about how, when it comes to the homosexual agenda, you vill not be ahlowed to ignohr zee agenda!  You vill oh-bey! Of course, some people are exempt, such as Al Sharpton, referring to “Greek homos,” or Islamic leaders urging that homosexuals be […]

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Well, for one thing you could have had an assault rifle with a high capacity magazine at hand….

by Tim Condon February 21, 2013

Less than three weeks ago an Islamic assassin attempted to murder Danish journalist and free speech advocate Lars Hedegaard. After missing at point-blank range, the would-be killer and Hedegaard scuffled, after which the guy with the gun ran away. The reaction of the Scandinavian mainstream media is interesting. It included denouncing Hedegaard and wishing the assassin […]

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Jan Schmidt – Democrat candidate for NH State House from Nashua, hates religion. That includes Muslims, so it seems.

by Skip November 4, 2012

Tesha has a habit of saying things in such a way that I’d be censoring her a lot (here’s a screen cap): “The Catholic Church in a powerful force in Maine so when the men in dresses who f*** little altar boys told their parishoners[sic] that gay marriage was wrong and a sin, the rubes […]

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Pat Condell: I think

by Skip September 24, 2012

“Let me get this straight.  We’re supposed to show tolerance and respect for a religion that doesn’t know the meaning of either word and goes out of its way to prove it every day?” “All week we’ve heard Muslims telling us that we in the West need to understand how important the prophet is to […]

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The Obama Flag…

by Tim Condon September 24, 2012

…and the bloodied wall in Benghazi. The wall was apparently smeared with blood when an American clutched at it as he was being dragged out to be murdered. The Obama Flag.

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Unhappy Muslims!

by Tim Condon September 19, 2012

This is kind of fun, and funny.

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Play Politics In Perpetuity And Pay

by Scott Morales September 14, 2012

Today White House Press Secretary Jay Carney declared that the embassy protests, firebombs, assassinations and all out mayhem is in response to a video and not at all “… directed at the United States, writ large, or at U.S. policy.”  (h/t mediate) “This is a fairly volatile situation, and it is in response not to […]

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“Gay” leftist hatred of Chick-fil-A and Christians trumps Islamic executions….

by Tim Condon August 15, 2012

“Gay” leftists think Chick-fil-A is a greater danger to their agenda than Islam, which publicly executes homosexuals. If hating America and hating Christians is at the top of your agenda, it makes perfect sense….

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Hpocrisy of the Left – yet another example

by Skip August 13, 2012

Nothing more needs to be said. (H/T: Troglopundit)

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Seeing eye dogs are put into service in the Middle East….

by Tim Condon June 21, 2012

However, it has been necessary to make cultural adjustments, especially in the case of blind Muslim women who need seeing eye dogs. Here’s a recent picture of one such helper dog, which has been fitted with a special garment to make it culturally acceptable….

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Rep. Allen West for Vice President please….

by Tim Condon May 12, 2012

Rep. Allen West answers a question: [jwplayer mediaid=”23294″]

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Too much information: Multicultural News You May Not Want to Use

by Tim Condon April 26, 2012

Ahem. This from It is reported that under the new Egyptian Parliament, “[H]usbands will soon be legally allowed to have sex with their dead wives – for up to six hours after their death. The controversial new law is part of a raft of measures being introduced by the Islamist-dominated parliament. It will also […]

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Incidentally, what did Ann Barnhardt mean below when she said the following….

by Tim Condon October 7, 2011

Why don’t you follow up on your threat, show up here like a man, and after I have turned your head into a canoe, you can tell me whether or not I’m "real"? I think this is what she had in mind….

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Damn. This girl is TOUGH.

by Tim Condon October 6, 2011

Seems that Ann Barnhardt has a problem with the institutionalized misogyny and slavery of Islamofascism. Doesn’t like it much at all, and she lets everyone know it on her extraordinary blog. So a jihadist has emailed and  threatened to kill her. Is she scared? See for yourself in the following exchange between her and the idiot threatening her […]

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