Did I Mention That Democrats Are The Party Of Racism?

As more and more black citizens just #WalkAway from the Democrat plantation, and especially if they dare to support President Trump, the radical left are totally unaware of their own blatant RACISM as they rush to denounce and harass these free thinkers! Image by Mike Harris at American Thinker.

Really – Elizabeth Warren actually used this phrase? Cluelessness

I’m on a lot of Democrat email lists. No, I generally don’t post stuff but this was just too rich.  She just sent out an email about Florida Governor Rick Scott’s announcement that he’s going to run for US Senate against the incumbent, Democrat Bill Nelson (who, btw, would be happy to take your guns …

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If you gave Exxon Mobil an army, the ability to print their own currency, the power of taxation, the ability to set national energy policy, and executive authority to enforce it, what do you think might happen? If Democrats are to be believed they would do with oil and gas what Barack Obama and the …

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Define Irony For Me

The government run schools are concerned about making sure students get some kind of an education in personal finance and economics.