Iron Dome

Hamas Answer to the Iron Dome: the Flesh Dome

by Scott Morales August 3, 2014

h/t @hebrewhammer73  

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Protecting Civilians From Missiles vs Protecting Missiles With Civilians

by Mike July 19, 2014

An excellent roundup of discussions on Israel’s self defense and surgical strikes vs Hamas’ cynical use of human shields on I’ve been advocating for years that the point of original of each rocket or missile be turned into a smoking crater – if Hamas kept their rockets and military depots away from homes and […]

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Funniest Display of Idiocy on the Left

by Scott Morales November 25, 2012

So succinct. So hilarious.  From comes a poignant rejoinder that exposes the naive idiocy on the left brilliantly. (h/t Corner,    

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