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Turing Test Fail – Hillarybot Takes A Drubbing!

Over at Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy.com, the attempts to remake the stiff and unlikable Hildebeast into a warm, funny, and cuddly grandmother have justifiably received a lot of flak, such as references to her “humor bot” shorting out here and here.

But during today’s appearance of the Hillary-bot on ‘Slay The Nation’ (a little Rush Limbaugh rip-off there), it out smarted itself totally and earned a stinging rebuke from the famous IowaHawk:

If you have to tell people you are real, you just might be a robotic simulacrum of a politician!!

No Matter How Low Your Opinion of Washington Is….

From Iowahawk – my retweet of Iowahawk actually.

He later tossed this out there, and hey –when you’re right you’re right.  Congress – Make it Happen!

Alexa Ranking Tells Us All About Healthcare.gov

The Healthcare.gov Alexa ranking is 400.  So after two years and $634,000,000.00 dollars (so far) Perez Hilton’s website (which probably cost taxpayers nothing) ranks 55 spots higher than Healthcare.gov.

The Real Cause For Murder

Iowahawk posted this at Breitbart yesterday and there is simply no way to excerpt it, without losing the point so I have included it in it’s entirety.  The conclusion is Iowahawks as well….(enjoy)

Chicago, IL  Houston, TX 
Population  2.7 million  2.15 million
Median HH income  $38,600  $37,000
 % African-American  32.9%  24%
 % Hispanic  28.9%  44%
 % Asian  5.5%  6%
 % non-Hispanic White  31.7%  26%

A reasonably similar matchup -until:

Chicago, IL  Houston, TX 
Concealed carry
gun law
no  yes
 # of gun stores  0  84 dedicated gun shops,
1500 places to buy guns
(Walmart, etc.)
Homicides, 2012  506  207
Homicides per 100k  18.4 9.6
Average January
high temp, F
 31  63

Conclusion: cold causes murder.