Democrats and “Sanctions”

by Steve MacDonald March 31, 2015

Summary: Dems are more in favor of sanctions on Indiana than Iran. — Greg Pollowitz (@GPollowitz) March 30, 2015 H/T Susan Osen

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Will Connecticut Boycott Itself over its Own RFRA?

by Steve MacDonald March 30, 2015

Democrats are stupid.  What you need proof? This morning, the governor of Connecticut, Dan Malloy, announced that he would be the first governor in the union to sign an executive order limiting state-sponsored travel to Indiana because of Indiana’s ostensibly “discriminatory practices.” Because of Indiana's new law, later today I will sign an Executive Order […]

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Looks like Hillary also deleted the memory of laws her Husband passed

by Kimberly Morin March 28, 2015

There seems to be a lot of faux outrage over Indiana passing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Not only do 19 other states have similar laws but Bill Clinton passed the RFRA in 1993 when DEMOCRATS were in the majority in Congress.

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The Principled Conservative Who Is Gradually Building His Position

by Mike January 8, 2013

This man has long been one of my favorites. At an AFP conference in 2009, I considered his speech to be “presidential”, demonstrating both gravitas and conservative principles. About a year later, he delivered a blockbuster speech on the Presidency (video : text) at Hillsdale College – not about himself, but on the meaning and […]

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The Tea Party is Dead My….A**! – Indiana’s Richard Mourdock Wins in What Looks Like a Landslide

by Steve MacDonald May 8, 2012

With 55% of the vote in Richard Mourdock, the Republican primary challenger to too-long time Senator Dick Lugar, has 60% of the vote.  By all accounts Mourdock is heading for a landslide primary victory and has already been declared the victor according to NBC news. Lugar, for his part, is already throwing his support behind […]

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