In-state tuition

New Hampshire Democrats will Protect Their Corporatist Allies in the University system.

by Steve MacDonald February 12, 2014
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HB1255, up for a vote today in the New Hampshire House, will probably fail.  HB1255 would make students whose name appear on the voter checklist eligible for in-state tuition rates at schools in the university system of New Hampshire.  It will fail because Democrats control that body and require the inequality that HB1255 would correct, […]

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HB 474 – in-state tuition for illegal aliens. Fergus “The Fringe” Cullen believes it’s a “choice”

by Skip January 25, 2014

You see, this former NH GOP Chair and now political mercenary is trying to push HB 474, a Democrat sponsored bill that would have NH Citizens pick up the slack by offering in-state tuition to the kids of illegal aliens.  He calls his group “Americans for Choice” – like, there is a choice anywhere in […]

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Giving the Store Away…

by Tom January 22, 2014

HB474 just passed the NH House, which would provide illegal immigrants the benefit of in-state tuition rates, provided they have attended 3 years of NH High School and have been domiciled in NH, and “promise” to gain legal residency. The Roll Call for this bill shows that one of *my* Republican Reps, Bob Willette, voted […]

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NH In-State Tuition For Illegal Immigrants?

by Steve MacDonald February 6, 2013

HB 474  (Hearing Date: Thursday 2-7-13, 11:30 LOB 207) This bill provides for in-state status within the university system of New Hampshire for students who are without lawful immigration status and who file an affidavit stating that the student has filed or will file an application to legalize his or her immigration status. And yet […]

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