Politicization and Criminal Collusion By the FBI

by Steve MacDonald May 5, 2018

Joseph E. Digenova, a former US Attorney, Independent Counsel, and Special Counsel of the US House of Representatives, was featured in Imprimis (Hillsdale College) in February. The transcript, titled “The politicization of the FBI” shared detailed evidence of political corruption and collusion between high ranking members of the FBI and DOJ, the Democrat Party, the […]

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If American conservatism means anything…

by Steve MacDonald September 14, 2017

If American conservatism means anything, then, it means the things found at the beginning of America, when it became a nation. The classics teach us that forming political bonds is natural to people, written in their nature, stemming from the divine gift they have of speech and reason. This means in turn that the Declaration of Independence, […]

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The Case Against Liberal Compassion

by Steve MacDonald November 12, 2014
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The October edition of Imprimis (Hillsdale College) is ‘The Case Against Liberal Compassion.’  For those interested in a fresh perspective on the contradiction between liberal guilt and the government vehicle that consistently fails to deliver on their promises, this is worth you time.  Here is an excerpt. “…liberals do not seem all that concerned about […]

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This explains why Progressives hate Article 10 and 2A / Second Amendment

by Skip March 18, 2014

Catching up on some reading and came across this in Imprimus (Jan 2014).  While the article has to do with the idea that the TEA Party needs to go to the next level of political theory and practice to truly accomplish their goals (limited government, fiscal frugality, and Constitutional bounds), it gives an idea of […]

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Notable Quote – Dr. Larry Arrn

by Skip December 29, 2012

Imprimis – On Progressivism and the despotism it will bring: The experts who run the modern bureaucratic state think they are architects of a perfectly rational society. They think of themselves as scientists, and of the running of government as something more like science—the science of administration—than politics. They think they can coordinate society comprehensively […]

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