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Pelosi – The Gift That Keeps On Giving – To Republicans!

by Mike June 17, 2018

From foot-in-mouth disease to insulting the white working class who used to be the Democrats’ base, Nancy Pelosi is depressing to watch – for Democrats! From describing real money to the average Joe six-pack as “crumbs,” to promising to repeal Trump’s tax cuts which caused those wage increases and bonuses, to championing the cause of […]

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Speaking of hypocriticalness of requiring ID for guns and voting: California

by Skip March 20, 2018

A state that is using the “death by a thousand cuts” in killing the Second Amendment Rights in their State has summed up the idea of no ID needed to vote here:  Laws??  We don’t need no stinkin’ laws!  After all, they just put an illegal alien into a post in their State Government (reformatted, emphasis […]

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Over 100,000 Illegals Registered to Vote in Pennsylvania

by Steve MacDonald March 5, 2018

Mr. Trump says lots of things for lots of reasons. The Progressive knee-jerk reaction to all of it is to say the opposite. But the left side of this uh-huh, nuh-uh, game comes with the full faith and force of the national media. So when President Trump said illegal Aliens were voting in our elections, […]

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EMail Doodlings – you know, this could solve the DACA compromise problem

by Skip February 3, 2018

Long time friend and loyal reader sent in this idea about how to solve the DACA bickering: Hi Skip – I’m not a fan of making kids pay for the sins of their parents, but how come we can’t grant the kids a pass for every parent sent home? Just asking. I LIKE that idea […]

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FB Doodlings – Yes, they should have been arrested

by Skip February 2, 2018

Concord Monitor ran a Polti-“fact” piece on US Rep Paul Gosar (R-Arizona) calling for the arresting of any illegal aliens attending the State of the Union address even if they were a guest of a sitting (Democrat) CongressTwit; they rated it true that he did say it. My response was: As well as he should […]

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Data Point – Illegal Aliens cost the US $135 Billion / year

by Skip September 28, 2017

The swelling population of illegal immigrants and their kids is costing American taxpayers $135 billion a year, the highest ever, driven by free medical care, education and a huge law enforcement bill, according to the the most authoritative report on the issue yet.  And despite claims from pro-illegal immigration advocates that the aliens pay significant off-setting […]

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Trump Pulls Trigger on Visa Sanctions For Uncooperative Countries

by Steve MacDonald August 23, 2017

Back in January, we reported on legislation to shore up the legal right to impose visa sanctions on nations that refuse to take back criminal illegal aliens deported from the United States. I can’t speak to the legislation, but Mr. Trump isn’t waiting for back up. The Trump administration has triggered visa sanctions against four […]

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DACA finally gets its due?

by Skip August 19, 2017

DACA – the Obama self-declared law (“Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals”) was an Executive Order that basically violated the existing immigration Law duly passed by Congress.  It made a “safe space” from keeping kids, these DREAMERs, that were brought here illegally by their illegal immigrant parents free from being deported.  As I have said before, […]

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“Here’s a letter from San Francisco’s Medicaid program encouraging illegals to use Medicaid”

by Skip July 30, 2017

“We understand that these are challenging, fearful times for undocumented members of our community” Calling Joe “You Lie (Obama)!” Walsh.  We heard from years that Federal benefit funds are off limits to illegal aliens.  Yet here we are, open borders folks all too willing to take our money and give it to illegals that shouldn’t […]

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About those illegal aliens willing to work for hardly nuttin’….

by Skip July 6, 2017

Louder with Crowder: “Stealing ‘Illegal Aliens’ jobs” – heh! Democrats like to say that the U.S. needs illegal immigrants because they will do the jobs that Americans are too proud to do, and that they are a benefit because they pay into the system. In his latest video, CRTV host Steven Crowder decided to investigate that myth — […]

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Illegal Alien Cognitive Dissonance

by Skip April 19, 2017

(H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Heartburn for the illegal immigrant apologists – guess what Sessions is now making a FELONY!!! Yee Hah!

by Skip April 11, 2017

I am so tired of hearing the “let them break our immigration law” musty heads mantra on “it is not illegal to be here, it’s only illegal to enter without documentation”.  Well GUESS WHAT!  New US Attorney General Jeff Session has been making that into the dust it always deserved – and now is doubling, […]

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Now they’re against when they were before it earlier?

by Skip April 3, 2017

Funny, I do remember when Democrats were all up in arms that a State (Arizona) wanted to enforce Federal immigration law because the Obama Administration would not.  In fact, the  Obama Administration sued to make them stop. So I just don’t understand why the Democrats are all up in arms (again) to make the Federal […]

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Mexico building the Wall? These CongressCritters are too easy

by Skip March 30, 2017

President Trump has often said that Mexico would pay for the Wall where the purpose is to stop (or at least, slow down) illegal immigration on our Southern border.  He’s consistently held to this even as everyone else has either bashed the idea (the Open Borders addicts, “the establishment”, or the illegal alien apologists) or rolled […]

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Peter Lemiska: A common sense analysis of sanctuary cities

by Op-Ed March 30, 2017

By Peter Leminska The refugees and immigrants who come to America to escape poverty and oppression need safe haven.  The vast majority of them are good, hardworking people, and how they get here is unimportant.  Compassion for immigrants overrides federal immigration laws. That represents a basic tenet of the liberal mindset, the force behind sanctuary […]

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And the Democrats say there are no illegal aliens voting in our elections…

by Skip March 20, 2017

And we just keep putting up more and more examples – they keep putting their hands over their ears and scream “YADA, YADA, YADA…I CAN’T HEAR YOU!!!”.  Reformatted, emphasis mine: The debate over noncitizens voting was a hot topic a few years ago in Frederick County, a prosperous Maryland suburb wedged between Washington’s urban metropolis […]

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Law – if those that create and those that adjudicate it fail to follow it…

by Skip March 3, 2017

But I urge the committee to consider a couple of deeper, less obvious consequences, not just of passing a bill like this, but of even bringing it up for consideration. The first is that a bill like this undermines respect for the very rule of law itself. After all, if the legislature isn’t going to respect […]

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Former bastion of NH Conservativism, Union Leader, devolving to Progressive speech codes?

by Skip February 26, 2017

“but where and by whom are the parent going to be held responsible and accountable for causing this problem in the first place?” Or is it trying to have it both ways? Conservative paper, Progressive reporter?  Bonus is that an Officer of the Court is lying (MAN, there’s a lot of that going around lately). […]

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“Day of No Immigrants” – did anyone really notice much?

by Skip February 16, 2017

Frankly, it didn’t affect me at all.  In fact, if I hadn’t read about it, I wouldn’t have known about it. Today was supposed to be the “Day of No Immigrants” – the usual assortment of illegal immigrant marches and rallies, businesses closing in “solidarity”.  Yep, once again, Progressives and the Left just snotting all […]

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Honorable? She isn’t – nor is the priest

by Skip February 16, 2017

“One of them showed him a Roman coin, and he asked them whose head and inscription were on it. They answered, “Caesar’s,” and he responded: “Render therefore unto Caesar the things which are Caesar’s; and unto God the things that are God’s”.  Matt 22:20 [Jeanette] Vizguerra pleaded guilty to using a fake ID in order […]

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Drivers licenses – on ramp for illegal aliens and their illegal votes?

by Skip February 14, 2017

Buh-buh-buh-but illegal aliens NEVER vote and never engage in voter fraud! Really?  How now, brown cow (reformatted, emphasis mine)? Noncitizen Faces Deportation for Illegal Voting After Getting Driver’s License A Peruvian woman originally hoping to become a naturalized citizen in Illinois now faces deportation after her record of illegal voter registration and casting ballots for federal […]

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Bias in journalism much?

by Skip February 13, 2017

Normally I do like the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, as it reports on a lot of items that the US MSM won’t – and if the MSM does, the Daily Mail generally has more facts and less political correctness than its American brethren.  This time, not so much. SHOT: The not-for-profit American Civil Liberties […]

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Mexican officials clamoring for illegal aliens to Cloward-Piven our immigration system

by Skip February 12, 2017

For all the talk about defunding Sanctuary cities (and soon, States), methinks Trump ought to cast a hairy eyeball at Mexico (emphasis mine, reformatted): According to The Wall Street Journal, a group called Monarca — named after the Monarch butterflies that migrate across North America — is pushing several measures that aim to help Mexican […]

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When Nations Refuse To Take Back Their Criminal Illegal Aliens – Strip Their Foreign Aid

by Steve MacDonald January 26, 2017

Most American’s probably agree that illegal aliens who commit crimes should be sent home after they get out of prison. What they don’t know is that if the host country refuses to take them, the illegal alien is let loose on American streets, often to commit new crimes. But that could change. One Congressman is suggesting […]

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Rigged, he said – rigged?

by Skip October 22, 2016

Of course there is voter fraud – Ed Naile has been hunting those that would steal lawful votes for years.  And even though he has “binders of voters” and has submitted his evidence for years, the Fusion Party apparatchiks (aka, Democrat Progressives and Republican Establishment) in all the right places just gave him their collective condescending […]

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Guess whose name is absent: 43 Senators Tell Court Obama Trying to Change Law ‘by Extra-Constitutional Assertion’ of Power

by Skip April 5, 2016

Ayup – and no surprise, either.  Here, let me give you a hint: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Senator John Cornyn, Senator Ted Cruz, Senator Lamar Alexander, Senator John Barrasso, Senator Roy Blunt, Senator John Boozman, Senator Shelley Moore Capito, Senator Bill Cassidy…. And yes, the list on that amicus brief is in alphabetical order.  Amicus brief, you say, Skip? Ayup.  What is […]

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Data Point – Illegal Alien / Immigrant Population by State

by Skip March 28, 2016

Cute interactive chart over at The Blaze – pick a state and see the estimated number of illegals residing there (yes, The Blaze went all PC and called them “undocumented” instead of using the legal terminology) NH:

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Data Point – Open Borders, courtesy of the Obama Administration?

by Skip February 26, 2016

(H/T: Big Government)

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Another reminder of why the base hates the DC Republicans

by Skip January 19, 2016

Remember that $1.1 Trillion “omnibus” appropriation bill (necessary because the Congressional Republican Majorities did not do the One Job they are supposed to do)?  Given the R Prez Follies in hard play here in NH, there is this on the most contentious issue: who is going to stop Obama  or his policies?  So far, not […]

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Data Point – illegal aliens, taxes paid, welfare taken

by Skip November 12, 2015

“According to the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy, approximately 11.4 million individuals in the U.S. illegally paid $11.84 billion in state and local taxes in 2012. The conservative Heritage Foundationestimated unlawful immigrant households paid $39.2 billion in 2010, but received $93.7 billion in government services.” (H/T: The Blaze)

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