Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-ism and stances

by Skip July 29, 2018

OK, from my previous post, you know a bit about her political philosophy/campaign stances from this 28-year-old barista with a Boston University double major in International Relations and Economics that is now the Democrat candidate for Congress in NY-14 (Queens) Free healthcare: “Medicare for all” – a cost between $14 and $28 trillion over 10 […]

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And this guy wants to be an elected Legislator? Democrat Dick Devens shows his ignorance on the Electoral College

by Skip February 8, 2018

So, because Dick Devens hasn’t understood, can’t understand, and seemingly never will, he wants to change a vital part of our Representative Republic to take away yet another Check and Balance that was DESIGNED to have checks and balances.  So because he doesn’t understand something, he wants it simplified; even if he doesn’t understand the […]

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Anti-Fascist Antifa Can’t Define Fascism

by Scott Morales January 12, 2018

I forgot about these morons while on hiatus bathing in the warmth and the sun with good company and cocktails. But now that I’m back and settling into the groove, I’m reminded that we’re surrounded by misguided, ignorant hyperventilating morons. Check out this video and remember the dumb in the country and hope that you […]

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Blogline of the Day – a view into a Progressive worldview

by Skip December 5, 2017

“I asked if he is a feminist. ‘Of course,’ he said. ‘The opposite of feminism is ignorance.’” Believe as I do or you and your opinion aren’t even worth considering. There is no discussion after that (and that IS the intent) and there can be no compromise.  In this, it is like militant Islam – […]

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Chuck Todd: Towering Constitutional Ignoramus

by Scott Morales September 29, 2017

This is what you get when you hire a Democrat operative to be a “news” anchor: a smug, self-righteous ignoramus. Here he is haughtily sneering at the next Alabama Senator Roy Moore by stating that, “He doesn’t appear to believe in the Constitution as it’s written.” What did Roy Moore say to cause Chuck make […]

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The Stupid on the Left

by Scott Morales September 22, 2017

Check out this guy calling Ben Shapiro, a Jew who wears a yarmulke all the time, a suspected white supremacist? (And look at the number of likes!!). So Tariq thinks,  Ben who “According to studies from the Anti-Defamation League, Shapiro received the most anti-Semitic harassment on Twitter during last year’s campaign season.” from white supremacists, […]

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Jonah Goldberg on the Entitled Loud Mouths

by Scott Morales August 26, 2017

From his G-File (emphasis mine), Jonah nails it on “modern-day know-nothings” who “curse modernity and capitalism” because they’re entitled, il-bred brats too ignorant to know any better. They want to order off the Chinese menu of modernity, picking and choosing the dishes they like, while at the same time cursing the cuisine and the culture […]

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Sen. Hassan Cites Fake News Story in Confirmation Hearing

by Scott Morales January 10, 2017

Making her Senatorial debut in the DHS confirmation hearing, Senator Hassan cited her deep concern about the Russians hacking the Vermont power grid as the Washington Post reported a few weeks back.  She evidently didn’t get the update that the story was totally debunked and eventually retracted (fake news strikes again!).  Fortunately for Maggs, General […]

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Nancy Pelosi is a Hateful, Ignorant, Bigoted and Sexist B*TCH

by Kimberly Morin July 27, 2016

Today during an interview with PBS News Hour, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Democrat) made an absolutely ridiculous and outrageous statement about white non-college educated men and the reasons they don’t support Hillary Clinton.

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Why Do We Celebrate July 4th?

by Scott Morales July 1, 2016

Alas, nobody knows.  Watch and weep. UPDATE: Make it until the end if you can.  It finally gets better.  

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The Liberty to Decline Doing Business….Wait a Minute…

by Scott Morales April 18, 2016

Pearl Jam doesn’t want to do business with people they disagree with either?!?!  What the heck is going on here?  What happened to: “Bake that cake, hater!” Shouldn’t we be shouting, “Play that music, grunge monkey!” Or maybe it is great to be able to refuse service to people based on your beliefs and principles.  […]

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Oh, The Incongruity, The Ignorance
NARAL, PPFA, And #BlackLivesMatter

by Mike September 26, 2015

In a series of tweets yesterday, NARAL managed to conflate support for Planned Parenthood with #BlackLivesMatter, in total ignorance of the original aims of that murderous organization. Here are the words and images they used (actual Tweets after the jump): Yes, NARAL actually said…. The Republican fight to block funding to Planned Parenthood is a […]

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So is this why our Education system is getting worse?

by Skip October 15, 2014

Again, watch this (it really IS a basic political concept) and ask yourself that question again. (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)  

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Notable Quote – PJ O’Rourke

by Susan Olsen February 5, 2014

H/T Walter Royal

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‘Course, returning to a Constitutional Republic requires people know what it is….sigh….

by Skip January 14, 2014

Ask yourself – do you know what the Third Amendment is (after the jump)? (H/T: Independent Journal Review) 

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Notable Quote – Gabriel Gomez

by Susan Olsen December 24, 2013

“I thank God everyday for people like Chris Pinto and Rob Eno because  they serve as perfect examples for my kids of who and what not to be  when they grow up… the level of ignorance and intolerance exhibited by them and their small “Klan” are an ebarassment to our civil Society. Merry Christmas.” “Part […]

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