if it only saves one life

A PERFECT case of “Bad decision? You own the bad consequence(s)” – Part 2

by Skip April 29, 2013

Or is it more a case of: Biden: “IF IT ONLY SAVES ONE LIFE!” Of course not – Progressives are only concerned about “saving one life” when it comes to guns; face it, we law-abiding citizens will, at the drop of a Liberal’s hat, fling that fully auto mini-gun from over our shoulder and run […]

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Joe Biden: “If it only saves one life!” 12 year old shoots adult home invader in self-defense

by Skip January 20, 2013

BRYAN COUNTY, OK–A day off for fall break was anything but relaxing for a 12-year old Bryan County girl, when an intruder broke into her home on Michael Avenue. Deputies say, the girl was home alone when a man she’d never seen before, rang the front doorbell. They say when no one answered the door, […]

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