The End of the Arctic?

by Steve MacDonald November 23, 2017

We should be thankful…that a majority of people outside the bubbled-elite do not regularly buy into the weaponized fear-mongering of climate alarmists like this turkey. He, like many other enlightened scribblers reporting the words of “Experts™,” have been wrong about more things more times than we can count. But that doesn’t stop them from trying.

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To Kneel or Not to Kneel, California ICEs Over, and A New Pain in The A**

by Steve MacDonald October 10, 2017

The Washington Times has an update on the “take a knee Foundation” doing business as the National Football League. At least two teams are ending such public displays under threat of punishment. The Players association which appears short on Constitutional Scholars these days said, “We should not stifle these discussions and cannot allow our rights to become subservient to […]

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Evaluating Ten Years Of Fake Arctic Forecasts

by Steve MacDonald September 5, 2017

Want to find out the truth about the Ice-Free Arctic Predictions? Get Vegas to put odds on it, and then see which limousine Liberals and Climate Scientists bet on that and how much. Until then, we’ve got this.  

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Illegal Immigrants Not that Hard to Find After All?

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2017

How many times did you hear some politician, bureaucrat, or talking head say we’d never be able to find all those illegal immigrants? It seems like it was not as big a problem as they suggested but that the Obama administration did its best to make it worse. The Obama administration left the government’s deportation force […]

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Why The Cheshire County Sheriff Did Not just Create a Sanctuary County in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald March 27, 2017

Cheshire County New Hampshire Sheriff Eli Rivera announced this week that his office would not conduct raids for Federal immigration officials. So has Cheshire declared itself a sanctuary County? Hardly. In the context of the illegal immigration debate a sanctuary town, city, county, or state is a place that will not actively pursue illegal immigrants for deportation, […]

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Bias in journalism much?

by Skip February 13, 2017

Normally I do like the Daily Mail, a UK newspaper, as it reports on a lot of items that the US MSM won’t – and if the MSM does, the Daily Mail generally has more facts and less political correctness than its American brethren.  This time, not so much. SHOT: The not-for-profit American Civil Liberties […]

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LIAR! The Reason Rubio Carries Water

by Mike February 23, 2016

It is often said that liberals are guilty of “projection” – ascribing to others their own character flaws. From that, it would be reasonable to infer, with all the sound and fury of Rubio calling Cruz a liar over illegal immigration, that the source of the lies might be closer to home. A couple of […]

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You Aren’t Making Arctic Snow ‘Darker’ – NASA Satellite Sensors have Degraded

by Steve MacDonald December 27, 2015
Thumbnail image for You Aren’t Making Arctic Snow ‘Darker’ – NASA Satellite Sensors have Degraded

In October 2014 the world’s leading expert on Greenland, or to be more precise the absence of green on Greenland–which is to say the ice that makes Greenland white and not green–warned the world of a potential fossil-fuel induced dark-ice feedback loop that could doom the world. (Cue dramatic Prairie Dog!) Unlike the black ice found on […]

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Arctic Ice, Ice, Baby!

by Steve MacDonald December 19, 2015
Thumbnail image for Arctic Ice, Ice, Baby!

Real Science | Over the past month, there has been a large surge in Arctic ice growth, leading to the largest extent for the date since at least 2004. This went on all through #COP21 – where tens of thousands of criminals met in an effort to steal your money, freedom and energy security.

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Yes folks, they really believed this prediction

by Skip September 15, 2015

After all, didn’t he win a Nobel Prize for stuff like this? Er, did it actually happen?  No, of course not…but he’s gotten rich by selling “climate change indulgences”, hasn’t he? (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Boston Still Has Piles of ‘Global Warming’

by Steve MacDonald July 9, 2015
Thumbnail image for Boston Still Has Piles of ‘Global Warming’

Twelve foot high mounds of ice can still be found in Boston. These lingering reminders are the product of last winters endless beating. Snow, relocated, the once 75 foot high mounds remain, smaller, but still there, even as we head into the middle of July. Boston Mayor Marty Walsh started a contest on Social Media […]

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Illegal alien kids shuffled to NH Right to Know request – A report (Part 1)

by Skip July 16, 2014

One of our ‘Grok friends, “K”, decided that she was not going to be one of those that would sit back and just “roll with it” – or like many, retreat into a cocoon of their own making and isolating from the world that seems to be spinning out of control.  With the news of […]

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