Notable Quote via Legal Insurrection.com

by Susan Olsen December 20, 2014

“This is the America we live in now: the surgeon general of the United States is an abortion advocate who views guns as a public health issue.”  

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The Progressive Hate Machine in Review–Inaugural Edition

by Scott Morales November 1, 2014
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Laughing at assault victims, calling women whores, mocking the paraplegic and putting his own kids on food stamps while they live in squalor, that’s Progressive.  And it’s all in a few weeks work of the Progressive Hate Machine. Welcome to the inaugural edition of The Progressive Hate Machine in Review. We all know them. We’ve […]

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Socialist Freedom Party – Only YOU ALL should pay that hourly rate (we pay less)

by Skip October 17, 2014

Seattle just raised its minimum wage to $15 / hour and that also include small biz – the Mom & Pop type operations – as well as the big ones.  One of the biggest yellers at the time was the Socialist Freedom Party that was jumping up and down demanding others pay more for goods […]

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Shaheen Backer Tom Steyer Was Still Profiting From Coal A Few Weeks Ago

by Steve MacDonald August 17, 2014
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Tom Steyer has been pouring money into New Hampshire in support of Democrat Jeanne Shaheen.  He’s the Green energy global warming billionaire buying up the US Senate for Democrats.   Steyer is one of those evil banker types who made a chunk of his fortune investing in coal,  two strikes Democrats dismissed when he promised to […]

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Governor Maggie “Fracking” Hassan

by Steve MacDonald July 21, 2014
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We are right to assume that Democrats favor subsidies for green energy projects, redistribution schemes like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), renewable energy standards that use government force to require power providers to buy more expensive wind and solar derived electricity to put it into the grid, because they supported, voted for, and defend […]

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by Steve MacDonald July 16, 2014

What kind of people sell plunder by threat of force as a virtue, label it as an entitlement, and deify the wealthy politicians, immune to their own “justice,” who promote it as a way to create equality? Democrats.

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Incendiary Image of the Day

by Susan Olsen July 14, 2014

H/T TTAG I guess Dems and Progressives would prefer that the slaughter of children profit Planned Parenthood instead.  

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The Minion and the Maven

by Rick Olson June 19, 2014

P.J. O’Rourke once quipped, “Hubris is one of the great renewable resources.” Frankly, I think its grown en masse on the Horn-Cullen RINO Farm. Is there one who deduces this notion, none too bold?

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A Left Turn Down Memory Hole Lane

by Steve MacDonald June 19, 2014
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As Iraq unravels and emperor Obama reminds congress he’s got the authority to act already, lets recall the cloying hypocrisy of Democrat rhetoric–as we take a left turn down memory hole lane.  You probably remember Democrats opposing action in Iraq, in 2004, 2006 and 2008.  It was the bad war, after all. If Obama decides […]

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Sigh….Really, the NH GOP used the word “hypocritical” over Medicaid Expansion?

by Skip June 12, 2014

I listened to WMUR at 6 today as they ran a spot on Maggie’s filing for re-election for NH Governor.  What I heard for being “hypocritical” was her taking credit for implementing Medicaid Expansion and the gas tax.  Absolutely WRONG – she had nothing to do with it.  There is no way she ehould be […]

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The Benghazi Hypocrisy

by Tom June 4, 2014

The Bergdahl-Benghazi hypocrisy is thick and pungent. But, as they say, “what difference does it make?” Hat tip to Kimberly Morin for putting this meme together.

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Hunter Biden Goes To Work for Big Oil & Gas (Updated)

by Steve MacDonald May 14, 2014
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Robert Hunter Biden, the son of vice president Joe Biden, has been named to the board of directors for Burisma Holdings, a company that specializes in oil and gas exploration and extraction.  Burisma operates primarily in the Ukraine’s three major hydrocarbon basins, mostly under explored and underdeveloped. Given recent events, Ukraine and all of Europe […]

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Media Matters Management Fights Union Formed Using Card Check

by Steve MacDonald May 2, 2014
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This story about Media Matters refusing to accept the unionization of its staff via card-check, is a priceless tool for conservatives to see what kind of Democrats you’ve got cluttering up your neighborhood. Media Matters management recently declined to recognize the union through the “card check” process, instead exercising its right to force a union […]

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NHGOP: “Principles Win Elections” -
Oh, The Irony, The Hypocrisy!

by Mike April 9, 2014

Let me present (above) the NHGOP banner, Brown Merger Edition. With their constant promotion of all things Brown (and I don’t mean UPS) since last fall (come to the event – he gave us money, you know), and the obvious embrace of Brown as “the candidate with the Money to win”, the Grassroots could be […]

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Where’s The Gaystapo When You Need Them?

by Steve MacDonald March 3, 2014
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Full court press on Arizona Bill that didn’t actually do anything to gays.  Full court press when just one of many bakeries (photographers, florists, etc) is uncomfortable providing a service for a gay wedding – must put them out of business.  Iran kills some gay men…nothing. Idaho bakery declines to cater same-sex wedding: OMG JIM […]

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New York Gun Control Activist Arrested Carrying a Gun

by Rick Olson February 11, 2014

“A hypocrite is the kind of politician who would cut down a redwood tree, then mount the stump and make a speech for conservation.”   —Adlai E. Stevenson Gun-Grabbing, anti-second amendment activist who vocally advocated for New York’s SAFE Act was arrested February 6…for carrying a firearm on school premises. Despite the fact that Ferguson, […]

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Sums it up

by Susan Olsen January 22, 2014


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Why I Don’t Watch Football

by Rick Olson January 17, 2014

“Kids have what I call a built-in hypocrisy antenna that comes up and blocks out what you’re saying when you’re being a hypocrite.”  —Benjamin Carson

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Republican President Blockades Parks and Monuments…

by Steve MacDonald October 7, 2013
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“Republican President Blockades Parks and Monuments… Democrats and the media lose their frikkin minds“; Top story/wall-to-wall/24/7 on the Alphabets, press releases, can’t escape it, Democrats run on it for the next 12 years. Want more local flavor? “Yet another out of stater found to have registered to vote from the home of an elected Republican.  […]

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GrokTALK! 9-7-2013 Segment One – Demonization and Hypocrisy / Syria & The Middle East

by Steve MacDonald September 8, 2013
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The Groksters get serious over Syria, Libya, Egypt and the Middle Eastern fallout of the Obama Administrations foreign policy–if policy is the right word, then segue into an “as of the podcast unrelesed parody ad” about a made up product that address a very real truth: the demonization by the left of anyone who does […]

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Still Waiting for Every Democrat In New Hampshire To Condemn Her Remarks…

by Steve MacDonald September 4, 2013
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It’s been an entire day and I don’t think we’ve seen on apology.  Perhaps we have.  I could have missed it.  But typically, if something like this emerges from the mouth of a Republican or a Libertarian, or perhaps myself, the Democrats are tripping over themselves to be the first to demand that everyone who […]

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As Gas Prices Reach Toward $4.00/ Gallon

by Steve MacDonald July 31, 2013

If you recall, a few years back, while Democrats had complete control of congress, and when gas prices were rising but lower than they are now, Democrats in New Hampshire were tripping over each other to blame Republicans and to claim that energy companies were getting rich on the backs of working families. Even the […]

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92% Of NH Democrats Will Not Run for Office on Expanded Background Checks

by Steve MacDonald July 31, 2013

While doing some research on another OFA ‘voter’ in New Hampshire, one Katrian Lipniski (see also Katrina Lipinski de Orlov), I came across a picture in her twit pic ‘album’ of OFA activist Jess Steever holding a super-sized New Hampshire ‘Jess Steevers’ drivers license in front of the state house in Concord.  Note to Katrina–nice […]

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No White Males Need Apply

by Rick Olson July 1, 2013

“Stupid people are ruining America.”   —Herman Cain You just cannot make this stuff up.  Kim Ratliff is the Mecklenburg County North Carolina  board’s Democratic vice chairwoman. Presently in Charlotte- Mecklenburg, there is a vacancy for the position of County Manager. who told WBTV that In commenting on the county manager vacancy Friday, Commissioner Ratliff, […]

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Stella Tremblay Resigns

by Steve MacDonald June 20, 2013

Stella Tremblay has resigned and everyone seems happy about that. “The New Hampshire Republican State Committee made it very clear that Representative Tremblay was unfit for public office and not welcome in our party,” chairwoman Jennifer Horn said. “We are glad to see her go.” It’s kind of sad, actually.  I think Stella should have […]

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Hypocrisy for Democrats 101: Bu, bu, bu, but that works for us for Guns….”If it only saves one live”

by Skip June 19, 2013

…how DARE you try to use our tactic of emotional blackmail for abortions! I have to admit, that was a GREAT question and well posed.  It shows that much of the “faux outrage” of Democrats on many issues is exactly that: false and demogogic.  They are tailored to pull at emotion instead of reason.  And […]

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The Nanny Bloomberg Rally Posted In The House Journal

by Rick Olson June 18, 2013

“I can be arrogant, I can be insufferable.”   —Kurt Sutter Arrogance.  Is it appropriate to post a “non-governmental event” with a clear left wing bias in a New Hampshire Official State Publication?  A publication paid for by Granite State Taxpayers? Most would say, “no” not appropriate. And most House members would say no as […]

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Wounded Warrior Project Goes “Political/Hypocritical”

by Rick Olson June 12, 2013

Political ideology can corrupt the mind, and science.   —E. O. Wilson When this issue broke on the radio talk show and blogosphere arena. I was absolutely sick to my stomach. Awash in disappointment and dismay, I just could not believe what I was seeing and reading…I read it again…and again. I found myself so disheartened […]

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Mayors Against Illegal Guns: Meet Chief Scott Knight of Chaska Minnesota

by Rick Olson June 11, 2013

“I put the costume on and said ‘It’s not very comfortable, but it looks amazing,’ so it’s all good.”   —Chris Hemsworth I awoke this morning and schlubbed my way to the Kitchen and poured myself a cup of coffee. The television was on and the ad caught my attention. Had some uniformed third-world tin-pot […]

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by Rick Olson May 30, 2013

“Tolerance is the virtue of the man without convictions.”   —Gilbert K. Chesterton

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