Hurricane Sandy

Chris Christie – Fallen off the Pedestal?

by Skip November 8, 2012

Face it, when Chris Christie first burst onto the scene campaigning for the NJ Governorship, he became an instant hit with a lot of Conservatives.  Not that he was all THAT conservative but that he was willing to take on the press, unions, and nay-sayers in a “take-no-prisoner” fashion.  And in that manner, just like […]

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Look For The Union Label…

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2012

That catchy tune from the 70’s/80’s ad campaign promoting Union made products might need to be re-spun with a new front man in the shadow of Hurricane Sandy.  Relief crews that drove all the way to New Jersey from Alabama were told thanks, but no thanks—we don’t want your help….because you use non-union labor. This […]

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Hurricane Sandy – NH is out of power

by Skip October 30, 2012

Much worse in other states, to be sure.  But with 1.3 million people in the state, almost a quarter million customers are out of power.  Including many of the Groksters, so consider this your “blogging will be light today” notice. Just from PSNH, a map of their outages: Pray for the folks in along the […]

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Sandy, FEMA, and Sequestration – Obama Plan Cuts Deep Into State and Local Emergency Programs

by Steve MacDonald October 29, 2012

Obama, Biden, and Democrats in general continue to lie about sequestration–it was the Obama Administrations idea, sold to Harry Reid, pushed by the media, with the standard the world will end if we don’t do something from the same people who refuse to pass a budget that would make all of this unnecessary. Up until […]

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Data Point – Another SnoTober from Hurricane Sandy?

by Skip October 25, 2012

Yuck.  I sent out this link yesterday to some of my friends concerning what was tropical storm Sandy. Yikes – another “Perfect Storm” brewing – warm air, cold front, blocking front – just freaking great! So, I went back to the Weather Nerd and picked this up: Durn, only two of the models have this […]

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