Human Rights Commission

The Gaystapo and the State of Colorado are Harassing Masterpiece Cakeshop Again

by Steve MacDonald August 15, 2018

The Colorado Civil Rights Commission didn’t just target Masterpiece Cakeshop they were openly hostile to the owners religious beliefs and indifferent to the tenants of his faith. The reuslt was a sweeping rebuke by the U.S. Supreme Court that itemized the sins of the state. Colorado didn’t care. They’re back, and shop owner Jack Phillips has […]

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I guess Scala or Galdieri haven’t heard the latest, have they?

by Skip June 10, 2018

Social conservatives will grumble, but they don’t appear to have the juice to make the popular governor pay the price for this,” Scala added. “There just aren’t enough voters, even in a statewide Republican primary, who will vote on these issues. That was true when it came to repealing gay marriage, and it’s true today.” […]

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