Fudds are all around us. What is a Fudd? A Fudd is a gun-owner who supports and sometimes advocates for traditional hunting guns but favors gun controls and the banning of other guns such as handguns, tactical rifles, standard capacity magazines. These people misguidedly call said magazines, “high capacity” because they hold more than ten …

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The Left’s One-Trick Donkey – Gun Control!

Kimberly Morin is back to talk about how the predictable rantings of liberal hoplophobes and their obsession with a dangerous political agenda make a serious conversation about mental health and violence impossible. You can find the original blog post here.

The Gun Industry’s Exodus

“Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas.”   —Joseph Stalin On Saturday, a Union Leader Editorial entitled, “Grabbing gun makers NH’s big opportunity” posited the question, “So why is the state not aggressively pursuing these companies and the jobs they would …

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And Now For the Ammunition Ban

“If there are twelve clowns in a ring, you can jump in the middle and start reciting Shakespeare, but to the audience, you’ll just be the thirteenth clown” —Adam Walinsky We’ve talked a great deal these past months about a potential gun grab. What went sleepliy unnoticed was Senator Frank Lautenberg (D-NJ), and Rep. Carolyn …

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Australia Gun Control Report Card

Insanity in individuals is something rare – but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule.  —Friedrich Nietzsche I am a member of a group on LinkedIn called “Hunting, Fishing and Outdoor Professionals.” In a discussion thread the question was asked, “How do you feel about the banning of AR’s and 30 round …

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Efficacy Of High-Cap Magazine Bans

“Foolishness is rarely a matter of lack of intelligence or even lack of information.”   —John McCarthy How come the demonstrator did not have any rubber scissors? or a tongue depressor?

Buffalo Wild Wings Refuses Service to Police Officers…Because They were Armed

Nonsense is so good only because common sense is so limited. —George Santayana Welcome to the UK! no, just kidding…actually, one might have thought this joint was in the UK. This food chain would not serve armed Police Officers. MANASSAS, VA — Eight police officers were refused service at Buffalo Wild Wings on Wednesday, apparently …

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Mark Kelly’s ‘Assault Weapon’ Purchase Rescinded By Dealer

“A truth that’s told with bad intent beats all the lies you can invent.”  — William Blake Fox News Reported today that Diamondback Police Supply determined that it was in the  company’s best interest to terminate this transaction prior to Kelly’s returning to the store to take possession of the rifle. Fox News says, Store …

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