What Politicians Don’t Tell You…

by Susan Olsen May 29, 2015
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Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran: Is he the example Scott Brown is following for the Primary?

by Skip June 8, 2014

Mississippi just had a primary on the Republican side where State Senator Chris McDaniels, a TEA Party candidate, out edged long term US Senator Thad Cochran (76 and in the US Senate since 1972) but not by enough to forestall a runoff (in three weeks).  From NYT via Hot Air: Senator Thad Cochran’s supporters opened Mississippi’s […]

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“…a litany of Democrat sponsored bills…that never would have passed if it hadn’t been for me…”

by Skip April 6, 2014

Like Dodd-Frank. This backs up what I wrote here (H/T: You know who you are).  BTW, the info that is coming our way are NOT from “Democrat trackers” or even folks that are connected with other US Senate (or otherwise) Republican campaigns.  You know, sometimes bloggers are looked up as “the enemies”.  The truth is, […]

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Your lemons didn’t come close to making lemonade, Annie

by Skip March 31, 2014

Let’s just say that while Congressman Annie Kuster (D-NH) put in a magnificent political performance here, she kept that same upstanding level on WMUR’s 6pm news for the event that today was the last day for Obamacare sign up.  After all, don’t do it and you invoke the fines and penalties (although with the many […]

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Data Point – New Hampshire is amongst the LEAST corrupt states in the country

by Skip September 8, 2013

  Corruption exists – we often look at Illinois (Governors there), Massachuesetts (Hmm, Speakers of the House, Representatives); and of, the State of Huey Long (Louisiana).  But in looking at this chart, based on the number of public officials jailed per 100,000 residents, who’da thunk that both North and South Dakota were hotbeds of public […]

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“Let us see who is the strongest…”

by Susan Olsen December 30, 2012

I’m working on a new pillow…..  

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