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HB1668 – Uber-Progressive Timothy Horrigan proud to be a Govt Nanny and supplant parental choices

by Skip February 15, 2018

And he said this all with a smiley smirk on his face (WMUR.com has the video but won’t allow embedding) as I watched the clip last night.  He’s rather proud of himself as portraying himself as a Nanny with his bill, HB 1668 (posted after the jump), as “the protector of kids!” (reformatted, aggregated, emphasis […]

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They. Chose. Poorly: Kasich Annoys EVERYBODY!

by Mike November 14, 2015

We discovered, during the summer, that team Sununu had picked Kasich as their moderate Republican standard-bearer for 2016, and further, that Kasich had bet his entire campaign on New Hampshire. Those of us who had watched Kasich on Fox from time to time already weren’t very impressed with either his claims of conservatism or his […]

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Guess the USDA doesn’t like contrarian points of view left in comments on their blog

by Skip December 14, 2012

USDA: Americans aren’t doing what they’re told Well, that was the headline of a post over at the Washington Examiner.  Any combination of a Federal agency and words intimating that our Overlords ain’t happy with what their subjects are doing with “their” suggestions ABSOLUTELY gets my attention: When Americans go to the grocery store, they […]

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