Abuse of Power Scandals Make the Case for Limited Government

by Scott Morales May 19, 2013

I’m frequently bewildered when I observe the Big Gov pom-poms shaken, Big Gov banners unfurled, and its flags waved with roaring cheers and applause. I wonder if those doing the somersault splits have actually thought through what they are doing flips over. Have they thought beyond the obvious short term, immediate consequence of more Government […]

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Laconia Daily Sun’s “journalist” Mike Kitch decides to make sport of newly elected NH House Rep Mike Sylvia

by Skip January 6, 2013

I met Mike Sylvia a couple of years ago now.  Being a Big “L” Libertarian, his outlook on the size and role of Government is different than mine (not in direction but in a matter of degree; same page, different paragraph).  Which, however, puts him in the cross-hairs of the local Hobbessian believing scribbler Michael […]

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