Hillsborough County

Election 2014 – Howard Coffman is running for Registrar of Deeds Hillsboro County

by Skip September 7, 2014

I’ve been out of pocket most of this week (vacation!) so posting has been light from me lately.  This Friday was no different in that I had a pistol lesson at the Londonderry Fish and Game club by the folks at Armed and Fabulous NH (Armed & Fabulous NH,  olsens@armedandfabulousnh.org) to cover some of the mechanics […]

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Hillsborough County Democrats Don’t Want You To Know They Just Raised Your Taxes

by Steve MacDonald June 21, 2013

When a roll call vote was asked for, to go on the record in support of a substantial county budget increase, elected NH Democrats in the Hillsborough country delegation went of their way to ensure that there was no record of the vote. What happened to transparency?  If you are certain that you need to […]

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Live Blogging: John L O’Sullivan at the Hillsborough County Republican Committee Lincoln-Reagan Gala

by Skip March 23, 2013

We’ll be at the Crowne Plaza in Nashua tonite to livestream (as possible) and record the event for the Hillsborough Republicans as they are hosting John L. Sullivan (Editor-at-large of National Review, former Special Adviser to Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, conservative author and columnist).  I expect to get a few interviews along the way.  Recording […]

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Special Election – Nashua New Hampshire Ward 4

by Steve MacDonald January 3, 2013

Nashua Ward 4 (Hills 31) will hold a special election for an open New Hampshire House seat on February 19th.  This is the seat vacated by Stacie Laughton after she resigned the seat when information about a past felony conviction surfaced.  Laughton had expressed a desire to run again but has since dropped out, eliminating […]

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No 3% Solution In Hillsborough

by Steve MacDonald June 14, 2010

When it becomes evident that they have exceeded our mandate or entered into agreements which have or will become fiscally untenable, the officials charged with representing the taxpayers interest must endeavor to introduce savings and efficiencies that limit the fiscal impact of those tasks before they overcome the ability of reasonable men and women to sustain them.

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