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Hillary Clinton Channels Maggie Hassan… Threats of Violence Against Opponents is Funny

by Steve MacDonald November 11, 2015
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Here we have a ‘Citizen’ (video below). A veteran. He’s mad because Carly Fiorina cut jobs to save a company (while competitors collapsed around her). This just pisses him off. He neither knows nor cares if Fiorina saved tens of thousands of other jobs and a company that would go on to employ people for […]

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Unidentified Man Gets 3rd Place, No Respect!

by Mike November 6, 2015

Talk about Slow Bern: The humor of James Taranto, WSJ – Best of the Web – can be biting, but occasionally obscure. The article, last week, was about Bernie Sanders deciding that refusing to attack Clinton out of chivalry was a losing proposition – something OUR nominee should remember when facing her next year. The […]

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Hillary is probably praying to Allah “Thank you for each and every one of these LIVs!”

by Skip November 5, 2015

That would be Low Information Voter.  The Premise: Hillary Clinton’s campaign includes implementing Shariah Law in the minority community. It is clear that NONE of these young folks even has a clue what Shariah Law is (Islamic in nature, it demands complete obedience in every single aspect of one’s life – there is no individuality, […]

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WMUR CloseUP: Did we catch Josh McElven in a lie?

by Skip November 2, 2015

This week’s CLOSEUP had a couple of tidbits in it that I just went “really”?  For instance, in his first interview, with Hillary Clinton, he had the chance to put her under the journalistic microscope with a follow up question.  No, not a CNBC type gotcha type – but just good journalism.  Result?

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GrokTALK! – Karen Vaughn on Hillary Clinton and the VA

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2015
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Karen Vaughn, the mother of fallen Navy Seal Aaron Vaughn, joins us to discuss Hillary Clinton’s remarks on the VA Scandal, Clinton’s recent walk-back, and what it says about candidate Clinton’s priorities. Don’t want to wait for the rest? Get it all here. GrokTALK! is a Mobile-Ready Broadcast

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Hillary Clinton Can’t Be President.

by Steve MacDonald November 2, 2015
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I know, laws are for the “little people” but if we were still a land of laws Hillary would be prohibited from holding the office of President, or any office. And she’s not alone.

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Hillary: “name two accomplishments”

by Skip November 1, 2015

Really, I did not know that these were accomplishments: “As Secretary of State, she did not fight with Obama” “Being the President’s wife” Given her philandering husband Bill, I’d give her that. But that’s the best these Hillary supporters can come up with? (H/T: Progressives Today)

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Banned from Facebook for posting the TRUTH about Hillary Clinton

by Kimberly Morin October 31, 2015

For the first time in the 8 years I’ve been on Facebook, I have been temporarily banned. Why? Because I told the TRUTH about Hillary Clinton.

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Email Doodlings: Hillary Clinton Hypocrisy: “…and my interns for free”

by Skip October 30, 2015

Ah yes, Hillary Clinton, that paragon of Income Inequality (“…we were dead broke when we left the White House”) that earns $225,000/hour when speaking at colleges (thus perfectly fine with incrementally making it just that much more expensive for poor students to go to that college) to have a net worth of $32-50 million.  And […]

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I’m afraid Kelly Ayotte is not with us on another issue, either: debt ceiling

by Skip October 30, 2015

Nothing that is voted upon at 3am can be a good deal for ordinary Americans – especially when phrased as “a gift” from now former and retired Speaker Boehner to new Speaker Paul Ryan (“cleaning out the barn”).  Sorry, Steve, Kelly Ayotte is showing us again that going DC is not helpful – she showed […]

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A little bit of this, and a little bit of that

by Steve MacDonald October 29, 2015
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As is the custom, we (try to) make time in every program to crown the Political “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot” for the past 7 days. Here are a few of our picks for the WTF moment of the week. Listen to the entire program here or on any of these platforms GrokTALK! is a Mobile-Ready Broadcast- […]

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Why Joe (Really) Didn’t Run

by Mike October 27, 2015

Many observers noted that Biden gave a rousing campaign speech in the Rose Garden last week, in which the announcement of his non-run for President seemed out of place. Some thought that the Red Queen’s signature was on the strange ending of the Biden saga, kind of like this: A note from the Red Queen […]

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Democrats Aren’t too Bright when it comes to History

by Kimberly Morin October 27, 2015

Or is it the intentional false narrative to make women believe that they are not paid equally? Democrats seem to like telling women they are of lesser value than men. What does that say about THEM? Feel free to look at the ‘Equal Pay Act‘ for your very own self. Give a Democrat a history lesson. […]

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A Feminist and a Political Contradiction: Hillary

by Skip October 26, 2015

Right after that piece on Suzanne Venker, they played a snippet of Hillary’s Benghazi Congressional hearing and one thing really caught my attention: I made it abundantly clear that we had to do everything we could to protect our people.  What I did not and do not believe that any Secretary should do is was […]

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BlogHeadline of the Day (at least so far) – somehow, I don’t think the Ambassador was smiling…

by Skip October 25, 2015

Happy fun times: Hillary fondly remembers Chris Stevens’s sense of humor in trying not to be murdered

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HIllary, Always Consistent

by Scott Morales October 24, 2015

You know, it’s also weird that the Democrats are going to have  the only candidate to vote for the Iraq War.  Wonder what Ed Asner, Michael “never enough Cheetos” Moore and Janeane Garafalo think about that.

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What Hillary Wants for America

by Steve MacDonald October 19, 2015
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Hillary said she wants a gun buy-back like Australia, but that was a mandatory confiscation. The government ponied up some cash but there was nothing optional about it. Making all of Australia a gun free zone had the expected effect, but not the one Hillary or any other Democrat promises. Gun owners in Australia were […]

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Granny Gun Grabber Clinton: Australian-Style Gun Control ‘Worth Considering’

by Scott Morales October 17, 2015

Hillary Clinton said that the Australian style gun control (you know confiscation) “…would be worth considering doing… on the national level” in Keene, NH yesterday.  Oddly she spoke without a Southern or black accent.   Must come and go… like hot flashes.

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“Bernie Sanders: I was opposed to Bunker Hill”

by Susan Olsen October 17, 2015

Translation of the Democrat debate transcript…courtesy Daniel Greenfield Anderson Cooper: Can anyone find Syria on a map? Hillary Clinton: Well Anderson, as a woman… Anderson Cooper: Can you find Syria on a map? Hillary Clinton: As a woman… Anderson Cooper: Syria on a map. Can you find it? Hillary Clinton: As a woman… Read the […]

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Sooner or Later One Kind of Authoritarianism Leads to Another

by Steve MacDonald October 16, 2015

David Harsanyi at the Federalist, explores the problem of Democrat/Socialists promoting an economic model with a history they choose to ignore. In practice, of course, there’s not any difference between a Democratic Socialist and a Progressive Democrat — Hillary’s preferred designation these days — other than, perhaps, the speed at which one wants to work. (Ask […]

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Democrat Debate last nite – proved Mitt right

by Skip October 14, 2015

15. Capture one or both of the political parties in the United States. Yup, I think they can pretty much take that off the bucket list – mission accomplished in toto for one (they’re still working on the Stupid Party, however).  Free…you name it; paid leave, more SS benefits, tuition paid, more Obamacare – it […]

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The Democrat Geriatric Mono-skin-color discussion tonite – live tweeting it

by Skip October 13, 2015

I can’t top the pix that Steve, Kimberly, and Scott put up for tonite’s Democrat snooze-fest that will be at 8:30pm on CNN (the Clinton News Network) where the head questionaire Anderson Cooper (he of “teabagger” fame, showing his journalistic objectivity and diversity towards those of the conservative political leanings) has already promised a softball filled […]

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First Democrat Debate Tonight. Don’t miss THE Comedy Show of the Year!

by Kimberly Morin October 13, 2015

The first Democrat primary debate is tonight. It’s being moderated by CNN who has already claimed they are going to toss them fluff questions rather than have them actually debate each other.

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Did Hillary Clinton Out CIA Operative, Continued…

by Steve MacDonald October 13, 2015
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Remember, this is the investigation Clinton flunky Jeanne Shaheen wants halted… Hillary Clinton used her private email account to pass along the identity of one of the CIA’s top Libyan intelligence sources, raising new questions about her handling of classified information, according to excerpts from previously undisclosed emails… Keep reading at Yahoo! News  

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What Is Jeanne Shaheen Helping Hillary Hide?

by Steve MacDonald October 9, 2015
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Jeanne Shaheen has come out in favor of ending the investigation into Benghazi (and family friend Hillary Clinton), but her timing might not be the best. Stephen Hayes is reporting that Clinton pal Sidney Blumenthal is up to his eyes in this. That a large sum of emails on her server involved correspondence with him. […]

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File Under – Its About Time

by Ed Naile October 7, 2015

What an interesting turn in mongoose and cobra relationships. Back in 1994 Hillary Rodham Clinton had a campaign thug, Craig Livingstone, steal 900 FBI files for her and now the FBI has 31,000 of her secret emails. You can’t make this stuff up. Only in ClintonWorld.

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Hillary Clinton uses Moms Demand Hack to Plant Gun Control Question in New Hampshire

by Kimberly Morin October 3, 2015

Clearly Hillary Clinton thinks Granite Staters are stupid. She used a known Moms Demand hack to plant a gun control question at one of her ‘town halls’ recently.

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Not even the retail politics here in NH could dig this up – seems Hillary IS vile to the little people

by Skip October 1, 2015

‘I can’t be responsible for every under-capitalized small business in America’!” — Tony Snow reporting on Hillary’s health care plan. We expect to meet our candidates multiple times, not just to hear them but to vet them.  We expect them to be here in good weather and bad, in the bigger NH cities and the […]

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