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Today, While in New Hampshire Hillary’s Mind Thinks She’s in Washington

by Scott Morales May 22, 2015

Is it because she’s just been a creature of Washington so long and it’s so deeply engrained in her that she just always thinks she’s in Washington or are there a few mental pistons misfiring?   Is she even mentally fit for the office she’s running for?  Something to keep an eye on.  She did […]

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Street Artist Strikes Outside ABC Studio

by Mike May 22, 2015

This looks a lot like the work of “Sabo”, the brave soul who has occasionally mocked “The One” by his clever LA street art, but now he’s mocking Hillary’s little Pay-Pal, George Stephanopoulos.

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You’ll never ask her a Question again…

by Kimberly Morin May 20, 2015

Be sure to watch to the end…

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GrokTALK! – More Reasons NOT to Nominate Jeb Bush

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2015
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David Bozell from ForAmerica is back to talk about why we should not nominate Jeb Bush as the Republican candidate for President, in case you didn’t already have enough reasons of your own.  Why Lindsey Graham is actually running for President. And a few other presidential primary observations. Listen to the entire podcast here Follow […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Stacked Deck

by Steve MacDonald May 17, 2015
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NOEMIE EMERY at The Weekly Standard, has a great historical look at Hillary Clinton’s Stacked Deck.  It closes with this. Nobody knows about stacked decks better than Hillary Clinton, who found the deck stacked slightly in her favor 40 years ago and has spent her whole political life stacking it further, to the benefit of […]

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Hillary Clinton Slush Fund… Whatta Surprise,Not

by Scott Morales May 16, 2015

Is anyone surprised that Hillary Clinton family charity is just a slush fund? NYPost: The Clinton family’s mega-charity took in more than $140 million in grants and pledges in 2013 but spent just $9 million on direct aid. The group spent the bulk of its windfall on administration, travel, and salaries and bonuses, with the […]

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Et tu, NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey?

by Skip May 6, 2015

And since that is philosophy under which Planned Parenthood was started…and since most abortions occur in the urban inner cities and involved black babies… …and since Steve Duprey gives Planned Parenthood money… …isn’t nice to see that Steve Duprey also feels EXACTLY like the presumptive US President Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton? (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Monkey Business

by Steve MacDonald April 30, 2015
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How about a judge giving legal rights to Chimpanzees in a US court of law? “Where would you stick it?” Cigars for Hillary.  Kelly McAyotte rubber-stamping the Loretta Lynch nomination.  And while we’re there, we revisit why Republican leadership in congress is shaping up to be the GOP’s worst enemy. You can listen to the […]

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Which Straw Will Break The Hildebeast’s Back?

by Mike April 29, 2015
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Clinton Global Graft Initiative:
More About Good Living Than Good Works

by Mike April 27, 2015

H/T Joe Miller‘s newsletter, original artwork Doug Ross at DirectorBlue. Seeing this chart reminded me of an Annual Forbes feature on the largest charities, and which ones make the best use of your money. The methoodology is laid out here and the you can also view the complete 2014 list. The key statistics are Charitable […]

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Neither Will NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen…

by Steve MacDonald April 27, 2015
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..but we are waiting for her thoughts on Hillary Clinton’s involvement in this Uranium scandal. (We know her hubby Billy got nothing.)

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Hillary’s Most Memorable Lies

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2015
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The most comprehensive depiction of Hillary lies yet? | Legal Insurrection   America Rising PAC dropped a new video earlier this week and boy does this one sting. This latest addition to the open Hillary oppo file recounts the scandalicious candidate’s most memorable lies in all their video-taped glory. Clinton Fraud Friday is brought to […]

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So, when Hillary’s NH campaign manager can’t answer issue questions

by Skip April 24, 2015

This is so rich – and typical.  Turns out that Billy Shaheen, the NH Hillary Head Honcho (and husband to the US Federal Government’s Ambassador to NH, Jeanne Shaheen) either hasn’t a clue as to what Hillary actually stands for – or CAN’T.  You decide: Gosh, you’d think that after 30 years on the national […]

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Welcome to Fraud Friday – Hillary Clinton’s Iowa Plotted ‘Plants’

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2015
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Read all of the every so pre-planned inside details here. ‘It was supposed to be a strategy meeting,’ Bird recalled, ‘to get our thoughts about issues. But then all of a sudden he says, “Hey, we have Secretary Clinton coming in, would you like to go meet her?”‘ ‘And then we got in a car […]

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Send Hillary Clinton a Cigar

by Steve MacDonald April 24, 2015
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There’s a web site if you’d like to join in the fun. Note: Proceeds from the gifting of cigars at SendClintonCigars.com are donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, WoundedWarriorProject.org. Wounded Warrior Project is not affiliated or connected to the Send Clinton Cigar website or it’s management; it is simply a cause we believe in.  

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Clinton Coming To New Hampshire – Get Your Scooby Snacks Ready

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2015
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Progs Ruv Em!  

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Funny Clip of Calculating Conniving Clinton…

by Scott Morales April 19, 2015

calculating and conniving over cuisine. From Above Average digital comedy network.

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Democrat Presidential Candidate Only One Who Voted For Iraq War

by Scott Morales April 18, 2015

I was thinking of posting this under the title of Notable Quote.  But I wanted to call attention to it, so I changed the title.  Anyway, I think it’s kind of an important reminder of who she is. So far, of the declared candidates for president, the only one who voted for the Iraq war […]

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Two Interminable Democrat Thespians

by Scott Morales April 17, 2015

Just this past Wednesday Hillary said: “All my grandparents, you know, came over here and you know my grandfather went to work in lace mill in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and worked there until he retired at 65. He started there when he was a teenager and just kept going,” Clinton said. What’s the deal with Democrat’s […]

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Republicans for Clinton

by Steve MacDonald April 15, 2015
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No less real than a Secretary of State who deletes all her emails is the inevitability of “Republicans for Clinton.” They’ll actually call themselves ‘Republicans for Hillary’ (or some such something like that) but this hardly matters. Regardless of who the Republican nominee is, even if it is someone a lot like Hillary, there will […]

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When Hillary announced, Howie Carr uncorked an epic rant of questions

by Skip April 13, 2015

Howie Carr, a much beloved radio talk show host here in New England, also writes for the Boston Herald and when I read his column “welcoming” Hillary to the Big Show, I just couldn’t stop laughing.  His pen is like a stiletto – it slices, it dices…and it can crush as well.  A few of […]

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Hillary Clinton gets ready for her ‘War On Women’ speech

by Kimberly Morin April 12, 2015

  h/t Dan Edmonds

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The Maiden Voyage Of The Clintonberg
Will She Crash And Burn?

by Mike April 12, 2015

Of course today is the great day the plebes have been waiting for: The Red Queen’s announcement of her renewed quest for the Presidency. (Because Co-President wasn’t good enough for her.) A couple of days ago, William Banzai 7 prophesied crash and burn with this graphic, but then life began to imitate art….. First, The […]

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Looks like Hillary also deleted the memory of laws her Husband passed

by Kimberly Morin March 28, 2015

There seems to be a lot of faux outrage over Indiana passing the Religious Freedom Restoration Act.  Not only do 19 other states have similar laws but Bill Clinton passed the RFRA in 1993 when DEMOCRATS were in the majority in Congress.

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Betsy McCaughey: Hillary is no glass-ceiling shattering pioneer

by Skip March 25, 2015

Betsy McCaughey was on our show recently and mentioned that she had this column coming on Hillary Clinton and give us permission to host it here: HILLARY CLINTON’S expected presidential run is being hailed as a chance to shatter the glass ceiling. That’s nonsense. Hillary rose to power solely on her husband’s sleazy coattails. She’s […]

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The Criminal Arrogance of Hillary Clinton

by Steve MacDonald March 21, 2015
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“This country was founded Specifically, to be rid of the incompetence, the reckless arrogance, and the casual stupidity of kings and queens who acted as though they were above the law…” — Bill Whittle You know you want to watch this…do it.

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Where have we heard this before?

by Skip March 17, 2015

(H/T: Powerline)

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Jonah Goldberg – On The Start of Hillary’s “No Ceiling” Tour

by Steve MacDonald March 11, 2015
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Act well your part…. (NRO) On Monday, Hillary had a “No Ceilings” event at the Clinton Foundation. After her opening remarks, the Associated Press reported, she declined to take any questions. “When she sat down to lead more informal conversations with invited speakers, participants appeared to be reading from teleprompters.” I’ll give the AP reporters […]

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Gotta Love The NY Post
Hillary: “Deleter Of The Free World”!!

by Mike March 11, 2015

The day after Hillary’s disastrous press conference at the United Nations, the venue she chose to declare her lack of wrongdoing in keeping a personal email server at home, The NY Post skewered her with this wonderful cover. “Deleter of the Free World” ROFL!! In that presser, the Hildebeast* claimed that she chose to conduct […]

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Too funny (and too sad): The Clintonian “I did not…”

by Skip March 11, 2015

Very Clintonian! (H/T: RedState)

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