Trusted Hillary Confidant on Hillary: “She’s often confused.”

by Scott Morales November 16, 2015

Emails made public by Judicial Watch include an interesting one from Hillary’s confidant Huma Abedin in which she discusses Hillary to a third party and states that, “She’s often confused.” Yes that’s right.  Huma Abedin describes Hillary as “often confused.” What an endorsement.  Yeah, let’s give her the nuclear codes, what can go wrong? But […]

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Every Honest Person Knows: Hillary Lied About Benghazi…

by Scott Morales October 30, 2015

.. but that doesn’t stop the loopy left media from refusing to accept the truth.  Watch Marco Rubio demolish a reluctant and nonplussed Charlie Rose. I bet if Hillary was caught stuffing a sack with puppies, tying it off and tossing it into a lake of gasoline then setting it alight, these people would still […]

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Massive NRA Favorability Gap over Hill and O

by Scott Morales October 27, 2015

Or backup title based on these favorability numbers:  Hillary & Obama: Out of the Mainstream Gun Control Freaks I wrote about the NRA womping both Hillary and Obama in favorability ratings last weekend; I spotted this graphic today and definitely thought it’s worth putting up as a nice visual reminder.  Amazing that Hillary keeps shouting […]

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I’m okay with Hillary Clinton identifying Republicans as her “enemy”.

by Kim Gilbert October 26, 2015

At least she is being forthright in this case, if nowhere else. I just wish that some of our Republican elected officials who are up for reelection would take note and follow suit. Then maybe this perennial idea—held by many elected Republicans–of “working across the aisle” will finally DIE. Just one example: in Kelly Ayotte’s […]

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Out of the Mainstream on Guns Freaks

by Scott Morales October 24, 2015

Hey you fringe, wacko, out of the mainstream on gun types, you better get with the program and take a stand for what is right.  Stand up to the powerful politicians who are beholden to special interests and lobbying groups and are against the American people.  Ask yourself if your stance on guns is really […]

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New Emails Reveal Benghazi Was Never About A Video

by Scott Morales October 23, 2015

And Hillary and the then Democrats Presidential candidate knew it. Standing in front of four flag draped coffins holding the murdered Americans she and her president abandoned, she told the families and the American people: “We’ve seen the heavy assaults on our posts in Benghazi that took the lives of those brave men.  We’ve seen […]

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What Hillary Wants for America

by Steve MacDonald October 19, 2015
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Hillary said she wants a gun buy-back like Australia, but that was a mandatory confiscation. The government ponied up some cash but there was nothing optional about it. Making all of Australia a gun free zone had the expected effect, but not the one Hillary or any other Democrat promises. Gun owners in Australia were […]

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Old Hillary

by Skip October 16, 2015

Yep, she’ll say what she has to in order to get elected, apparently…then and now.  Is she really related to John Kerry?  (H/T: Liberal Logic 101)

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Carly Doesn’t Play the Gender Card?

by Kim Gilbert September 19, 2015

H/T Conservative Treehouse post via doodahdaze

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Bernie is Polling Better…

by Steve MacDonald September 18, 2015
Thumbnail image for Bernie is Polling Better…

The Shaheen Machine’s go-to gurl struggles to fill the seats in the heart of Darkness, Concord, NH. (Sanders team outside offering even more free stuff to hang with him or just lack of interest?) .@hillaryclinton town hall tonight in New Hampshire #concord #emptyseats pic.twitter.com/UGLWvfnCUz — Ed Henry (@edhenry) September 18, 2015 Twichy has more Clinton […]

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The New Improved Funnier Hillary

by Steve MacDonald September 16, 2015
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Branco | Legal Insurrection

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GrokTALK! – 2015-09-12 The Videos

by Skip September 12, 2015

This week’s program was a fast paced one with lots of topics and lots of rapid around the table! Pre-Show – yeah, we use this time to hammer down the software and hardware gremlins that visit us every week as well as our regular babbling about a bunch of things Segment 1 – Our WTFs […]

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Yes, Hillary, PP’s Victims Are “Babies, Citizens”

by Mike August 26, 2015

Who could the Red Queen have been referring to?? How about "babies," "children," or "American citizens." https://t.co/ofxEG6Za00 — Hillary Clinton (@HillaryClinton) August 20, 2015 Ooops, sorry, She was of course attempting to put down Jeb Bush for daring to call Anchor Babies by an accurate name. Real Anchor Babies are much too important to their […]

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“Hillary…would use force to repress religious teachings and practice.”

by Skip August 6, 2015

Hillary: Laws have to be backed up with resources and political will. And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.” From a piece: How We, as POWs, Responded to Communists Threatening Our Religious Liberty.  Now read the quote from Hillary above again, and then read the closing from that piece […]

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Obama’s “Says-me” Street

by Steve MacDonald August 4, 2015
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  These will be the people in your neighborhood. IN your Neighborhood. Or we’ll send. in. the. storm. troopers. These will be the people in your neighborhood…(everyone sing!) NRO The Draconian legal settlement imposed on Westchester several years ago by the Obama administration creates a court-appointed “monitor” who has effectively usurped Westchester County’s right to democratic self-governance. […]

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Press Herded By Hillary Staffers at 4th of July Parade

by Steve MacDonald July 5, 2015
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This is one of those Life Magazine ‘Year in Pictures’ moments.  Where life imitates…well, life. A physical representation of ‘controlling the message.’ Hillary Clinton, incapable of unscripted dialogue, has her staffers march the parade route–at a safe distance–with ropes to keep the press from getting too close while her highness mingled with a few peasants. As […]

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Everything the Democrats said about Dick Cheney and Iraq is true about Hillary and Libya.

by Steve MacDonald June 9, 2015
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I guess Libya wasn’t ready for Hillary..? She was a disaster as Secretary of State, and was a major advocate of waging a war of choice that resulted in a failed state now taken over by terrorists. Worse yet, she was doing that while relying on advice from an advisor who was in bed with […]

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It Depends on What the Word “Interview” Means….

by Steve MacDonald June 4, 2015
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The Obama campaign controlled the message in 2008 by directing reporters to scripted YouTube statements. From Texas Southern U, hosting HRC Thursday: "There will NO opportunities to interview Hillary Clinton; her speech will be her interview" — Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) June 3, 2015 Ace

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Hillary’s Foundation Finders Fees For US Arms Sales

by Steve MacDonald May 28, 2015
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International Business Times In the years before Hillary Clinton became secretary of state, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contributed at least $10 million to the Clinton Foundation, the philanthropic enterprise she has overseen with her husband, former president Bill Clinton. Just two months before the deal was finalized, Boeing — the defense contractor that manufactures […]

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Rick Santorum’s Web Site 404 Page is Priceless…

by Steve MacDonald May 28, 2015
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Rick Santorum’s campaign, whether it ever goes anywhere or not, just made the entire effort worth a moment of our time thanks to the campaign’s chosen error page. The @RickSantorum 404 page pic.twitter.com/fNclqV3iKH — Zeke Miller (@ZekeJMiller) May 27, 2015 Twitchy

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Blogline of the Day: Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend’s wife speaks up about sexual assault

by Skip April 26, 2015

Do they really ever think about what they say, and the context in which the rest of us hear this?  And in this case, wonder why Hillary hasn’t divorced  Bill yet? WHEN AMERICA SLIPS BEYOND PARODY: Bill Clinton’s Wife Condemns ‘Scourge Of Sexual Assault’ In First Big Speech. (H/T: Instapundit)

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So, when Hillary’s NH campaign manager can’t answer issue questions

by Skip April 24, 2015

This is so rich – and typical.  Turns out that Billy Shaheen, the NH Hillary Head Honcho (and husband to the US Federal Government’s Ambassador to NH, Jeanne Shaheen) either hasn’t a clue as to what Hillary actually stands for – or CAN’T.  You decide: Gosh, you’d think that after 30 years on the national […]

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GrokTALK! With Carly Fiorina

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2015
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Former Hewlett Packard CEO Carly Fiorina joins us for a Q&A on Common Core, dealing with bureaucracies, spending and budgets, Congressional responsibility, health Care in the US, and what the GOP can do to win the Presidency. Listen to the Entire Program Here. Follow us on YouTube, USTREAM, Facebook, and Twitter …and take us with […]

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Democrat Logos – Well That Explains It!

by Steve MacDonald April 20, 2015
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c/o Patriot Post

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Thoughts on Hillary’s Loft Pronouncements in Iowa today

by Skip April 14, 2015

(Image H/T: Powerline)   Yes, lots of ridicule is being made of her “new and fun” logo (as N.A.F. is what the campaign’s marketing is trying make of a 68 year old coattailer that’s been in politics for 20 years without a singular achievement to point to other than flying 1,000,000 at taxpayer expense while Secretary […]

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It’s Clinton Time!

by Ed Naile March 31, 2015

As Hillary marches, falls, stumbles, and waddles towards the Presidency of the United States , an office that no longer holds much luster anyway, you have to remember one thing about the Clintons – time is always on their side. Back when Hillary hired Craig Livingstone to grab as many FBI files of Republican opponents […]

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Betsy McCaughey: Hillary is no glass-ceiling shattering pioneer

by Skip March 25, 2015

Betsy McCaughey was on our show recently and mentioned that she had this column coming on Hillary Clinton and give us permission to host it here: HILLARY CLINTON’S expected presidential run is being hailed as a chance to shatter the glass ceiling. That’s nonsense. Hillary rose to power solely on her husband’s sleazy coattails. She’s […]

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We Now Know Who Is Behind The Clinton Private Email Leak

by Steve MacDonald March 15, 2015
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Weasel Zippers, quoting the NY Post has pointed a finger at the source of Hillary’s recent troubles, which I almost sort of predicted back on March 6th. Exit question: The lefty media is (uncharacteristically) all over this so who organized the coup and herded the media cats, and which Democratic presidential hopeful gains the most […]

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HilLIARy doubles down on Benghazi b.s.

by Kimberly Morin June 17, 2014

  In an interview with Fox News, Hillary Clinton actually stood by lying liar Susan Rice’s comments regarding the (known immediately) terrorist attack on Benghazi occurring over a youtube video.  The woman is clearly mentally incapacitated and not due to drugs but due to being a Democrat with no conscience. Video c/o video.foxnews.com   Watch the […]

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Ready For Hillary – To Struggle With A Carpetbagging Second Mortgage

by Steve MacDonald June 10, 2014
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Hillary. She’s just one of the regular folk, struggling with a carpetbagging second mortgage. (Seems to me if she needed some extra cash she should have just got back into real estate or cattle futures, you know–things she was known to “be good at.”)   H/T WashTimes c/o Instapundit

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