Henniker: “Progress” Comes to a Progressive Town in New Hampshire

by Ed Naile July 2, 2017

Henniker, “The Only Henniker On Earth,” is a liberal enclave funded by a small college and exists for the benefit of a few wealthy, connected locals. A small town that just went through an agonizing experience. In the face of overwhelming vocal opposition from liberal transplants a Dollar General store has anchored itself smack dab – […]

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Henniker Boards Exercising Power They Don’t Have

by Steve MacDonald May 6, 2017

Residents in Henniker, folks the powers that be would refer to as troublemakers, have uncovered yet another potential abuse of power in their town. The planning board, during site plan reviews, has been stipulating operating hours for local businesses. They are telling private business owners how late they can remain open. But there are no […]

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by Steve MacDonald April 9, 2017

If you were not aware, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) hands out loans and grants for things (link fixed) that have nothing to do with agriculture. Who among you is honestly surprised? Very few in this audience. Here’s another one. There are town officials in Henniker, NH who have Barack Obama’s “a phone and […]

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Stephen Forster – Just “We The People!”

by Steve MacDonald December 29, 2016

By Stephen E. Forster Four costly years for me AND the taxpayer, wasted. A very expensive exercise in English composition! This is a “property rights” issue. I wish it were as simple as “it’s your property and you can do what you like on it.” Well, that’s not exactly true. As we relinquish control to our […]

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April 30th, 2016 Podcast

by Steve MacDonald May 1, 2016
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Kathleen LaBonte and Steve Forster drop by to talk property rights vs. local boards and developers. Kimberly Morin has some thoughts about Sen. Kelly Ayotte and the Casa Bill. And NH Executive Councilor and Gubernatorial candidate Chis Sununu talks Common Core, testing, and local control. (Skip’s original post and audio are here.)

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Henniker Board OK’s Weddings at Forster’s Tree Farm

by Steve MacDonald April 28, 2016
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Well then, Weddings are back on at Stephen Forster’s Christmas tree farm on Mount Hunger Road after the Henniker planning board voted, 6-1, to approve his site plan. The board decided Forster’s plan was within the zoning regulations, including the town’s definition of agritourism, approved by voters in March. “It meant something or we wouldn’t […]

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Did The Town of Henniker Try To Suppress Voting on a Town Ballot Question?

by Steve MacDonald March 6, 2016
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The Town of Henniker had to remove its sample ballot from the Town Website just days before Town election this coming Tuesday, March 8th. The problem? Warrant article 5 is a citizen petition to clarify and amend the definitions of agriculture and agrotourism. The Planning Board does not recommend article 5 for passage because the […]

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“I was more than a little surprised at the tabloid style used by the Villager on July 31st”

by GrokWatch News Desk August 2, 2015

Dennis Hamel | GrokWatch News Desk Preface: Steve Forster had a letter delivered to the Henniker Selectman regarding legal use of his property. The town fish-wrap wrote a front page story in response. Our good Friend Dennis Hamel has written in regard to the Villager’s article. (It will not yet have run in that paper, if […]

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How We got To The Henniker Eminent Domain Lawsuit – Let’s Look At The “Instant Replay”

by GrokWatch News Desk June 26, 2015

Kathleen LaBonte-LoFaro | GrokWatch News Desk Should anyone be interested in knowing how unfairly Lorin was treated by the Henniker’s Cogswell Spring Water Works Department regarding the Depot Hill Storage tank, I’ve attached links to meeting Minutes that you might find interesting, and might feel as disappointed and disgusted as I. We can do better […]

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The Town of Henniker ’s Desire to Build a Road Does Not Justify Doing so in a Less Than Constitutional Way

by Steve MacDonald June 25, 2015
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Mark Hodgdon  | GrokWatch News Desk “On June 23rd, a Merrimack County Superior Court jury returned a verdict on all counts for Lorin Mulligan against the Town of Henniker.  The Henniker Water Department built an access road for commercial trucks across her property to the Town’s water tank on abutting land.  Despite her repeated protests […]

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Breaking News- Henniker Loses Right of Way Case (Award Sum Updated Again)

by Steve MacDonald June 23, 2015
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Update II:  I received an email this morning from a lawyer indicating the amount of the award is $85,000.00 dollars. I have made every effort to update any content distributed with the incorrect sum(s). Updated: I was provided the incorrect settlement sum.  The correct amount is 250,000.00 – one-quarter of a million dollars. I have […]

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“Bend It” Like Henniker – The Town is in Court AGAIN!

by Steve MacDonald June 22, 2015
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If you search GraniteGrok for ‘Henniker’ you will find a growing pile of content demonstrating how increasingly similar the people on the towns boards and committees are to the pigs in Animal Farm. The latest example comes to me via our loyal reader Kathleen Labonte-LoFaro and involves the town building an access road through someone’s […]

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by Ed Naile June 14, 2015

The NH State Supreme Court, remember them? They had the distinction of having several members impeached back in 2001 for trying to rig a decision. But as in the Clinton style we have become so used to their antics they are still with us because too many lawyers and lawyer spouses were on the Senate […]

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Democrat Rep uses the blood of dead children to argue against Constitutional Carry

by Kimberly Morin April 11, 2015

On Thursday the New Hampshire House Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee voted on SB 116 also known as ‘Constitutional Carry’. The bill was passed by a vote of 10-6 and was recommended as ‘Ought to Pass’. The bill will now go to the full House for a vote by all representatives.

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Henniker Hate-mailer Says Howdy

by Ed Naile April 1, 2015

If you take the position that hate mailers might have a mental disorder then you probably pray the hate-mailer would seek professional help, right? I have a suggestion for a way that a person who sends hate mail can begin traveling the road to recovery. (I borrow from some addiction lingo I have heard from […]

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The Hate That Is The Collective Henniker Left

by Ed Naile March 31, 2015

Once one is labeled as anti-government, which simply means you are opposed to waste and abuse of tax dollars, the lefties lock-step up and let their hair down. At first it might be disturbing to people not familiar with moonbats but soon you can see the usual pattern. Obama shoveled a dose of it to […]

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Where Is The League of Liberal Women Voters and NH ACLU?

by Ed Naile March 11, 2014

The paper in Concord claims to have found some disenfranchised voters! Ah, but as usual with NH election laws, the print media, and voting, the facts are not facts. One couple living in a seasonal campground has complained to a reporter about the Town of Henniker not letting them vote. They complain about an attempt […]

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Sorry It’s Been So Quiet Today…

by Steve MacDonald April 16, 2013

I guess we all get busy on the same day. I actually have a half dozen great things to write about and no time to do it.  Hint? Something Strange and infuriating may be afoot at the New Hampshire Vets Home. Someone suggested that some on the right should be embarrassed with the Honor Your Oath Rally […]

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Henniker ZBA says Screw RSA 21:34a

by Steve MacDonald February 8, 2013

The Henniker ZBA has decided that state law does not apply to that particular bit of Henniker known as Forster’s Christmas Tree Farm. From Steve Forster: … We lost our argument on RSA 21:34a and Agritourism last night.. We plan to appeal and more than likely, on to a higher court.. The town still does […]

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Henniker New Hampshire’s Local Aristocracy Wants What They Want

by Steve MacDonald January 10, 2013

Back in November we reported that despite meeting all the legal requirements the town of Henniker had cited Stephen Forster of Forster’s Christmas Tree Farm with the illegal use of his property. Typically, when such nonsense erupts it is to either punish a landowner for some perceived slight, or to help an abutter (or the town) […]

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Stand With Stephen Forster & Forster’s Christmas Tree Farm

by Steve MacDonald November 12, 2012

The Town of Henniker has cited Stephen Forster (Forster’s Christmas Tree Farm) with illegal use of his property. But State law provides that Mr. Forster may use his property for Agri-tourism,  also known as “agriculture,” a legitimate use of the land. Henniker has apparently acknowledged this but will not rescind its citation unless they are […]

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