I guess Scala or Galdieri haven’t heard the latest, have they?

by Skip June 10, 2018

Social conservatives will grumble, but they don’t appear to have the juice to make the popular governor pay the price for this,” Scala added. “There just aren’t enough voters, even in a statewide Republican primary, who will vote on these issues. That was true when it came to repealing gay marriage, and it’s true today.” […]

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Cornerstone: Keep the Messages Going to Gov. Sununu VETO HB 1319 and HB 587

by Op-Ed May 16, 2018

Status report: the gender identity bill (HB 1319) and therapy ban bill (HB 587) will be on the Governor’s desk soon, but first they have to go through a process called “enrollment.” This is a bureaucratic process that could take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks. You have more time to reach […]

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Speaker Chandler Defeats Both Conversion Therapy Ban Bills With Tie-Breaking Votes

by Steve MacDonald January 10, 2018

We have to give credit where it is due. Speaker of the New Hampshire House, Gene Chandler is not historically what we’d call a conservative. But yesterday he used his vote to break two ties in the Legislature to kill bad bills. The House deadlocked on two bills that would ban gay conversion therapy, requiring House […]

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Points to Consider About New Hampshire’s Conversion Therapy and Gender Identity Bills

by Steve MacDonald February 21, 2017

There are hearings today on HB 587 (gender transition) and HB 478 (discrimination based on gender identity). The former is a bad bill from last year recycled. The latter could result in your daughters, sisters, or wives having to share bathrooms and locker rooms with guys claiming to be girls. Cornerstone Policy Research has some points […]

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