The Stalinist Idea Behind HB135 – The Effort to Repeal Stand Your Ground

by Steve MacDonald May 27, 2013

I pulled this opening line from a very interesting article by Steven Hayward at Powerline because it reminds us where the lefts hatred for the right of self defense actually comes from, even if they themselves do not know it. If memory serves, Irving Kristol once remarked that the term “peace,” as it was used […]

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Rep Itse ‘Stands His Ground’ on “Honor Your Oath.”

by Steve MacDonald May 5, 2013

Freemont Republican House Rep Dan Itse responds to previous letters and editorials from the Union Leader and Chuck Douglas–in the Union Leader–regarding the Honor Your Oath Rally and the persistent effort by them and others to insist that this was just another gun rally whose premis is flawed. Rep Itse does a fine job of […]

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Deputy Dawg Doesn’t Have A Monopoly On Self-Defense, Oh No!

by Mike May 1, 2013

Since Deputy Dawg Stephen Shurtleff (AKA ‘Scared’ Shurtleff) was the prime mover behind the repeal of “Stand Your Ground” (HB135), and and since he, as a steely-eyed ex federal law enforcement officer, would still be able to stand his ground (properly trained, don’tya know), while the rest of his subjects NH citizens would be forced […]

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Blogline of the Day – on HB 135 (Deputy Dawg’s repeal of Stand Your Ground)

by Skip April 25, 2013

From the Seacoastonline.com reporting on the NH Senate hearing on Shurtleff’s repeal of Stand Your Ground (who is exempt from his own law) (emphasis mine): Earl Kolb, 32, of Salem, said the repeal proposal was written with only public safety in mind. As someone who uses a wheelchair, he urged lawmakers to consider those for […]

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Maggie “The Red” Hassan – MaggieGuns?

by Skip April 3, 2013

History has taught us that those of history desired power and wanted control over others grabbed products, services, and liberties under the rubric of “for the common good” or for your “safety and security”.   Never did you hear “we are taking these things so that you may be free and enjoy enhanced liberty”.  No, […]

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Guest post by Penny Dean, Esq. – HB135 “Stand your ground” must be defeated

by Skip March 25, 2013

HB 135 NEEDS TO BE ITL’D If the proposed changes to RSA 627:4 in the form of HB 135 are adopted (i.e. the return to the previous version of the law-see below), the affirmative defense will no longer be available to those who are forced to defend themselves or others at places other than their […]

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What Problem Will HB 135 (The Repeal of Stand Your Ground) Address?

by Steve MacDonald March 19, 2013

HB 135 would not address any problem, unless justifying the fear-mongering and misinformation campaign of the anti-gun crowd is the goal. To that end there is a great editorial about H135 and the fear mongering of the left, in the union leader.  here’s a snippet. Testifying against the “stand your ground” legislation in 2011, Associate […]

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Speaking of HB135, here are some more State Reps that could use a phone call…

by Skip March 18, 2013

The vote in the NH House on the repeal of last session’s Stand Your Ground law, HB135, is up for a vote later on this week (GraniteGrok is against this law that takes away your Right to defend yourself where ever you happen to be).  Based on votes from HB382 (“To reduce revolver license fees […]

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HB135 “Stand your ground!” Rockingham District 4 State Representatives voting to kill it.

by Skip March 18, 2013

Self-Defense – a Natural Right.  After all, who is responsible, ultimately, for your well-being?  Certainly not government.  In fact, our founders recognized that this Right as being pre-existent to the formation of Government. They also acknowledged that this is not a Right that becomes null and void simply of the formation of Government.  Yet, it […]

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Guest post by “Paladin”

by Skip March 1, 2013

Reader “Paladin” had earlier asked if we publish a guest post by him – it can be found here: Guest Post by Paladin – a short commentary on HB135 (the NH “Run Away!” bill) sponsored by Stephen Shurtleff.  Now that HB135 has passed out of committee in the NH House, he asked if this could […]

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HB135: Criminal Defense Attorneys Weigh In

by Rick Olson January 26, 2013

“Finally, is not liberty the restricting of the law only to its rational sphere of organizing the right of the individual to lawful self-defense; of punishing injustice?” —Frederic Bastiat   Yesterday, The New Hampshire Union Leader featured a story where, “Lawyers say stand your ground works” Prominent Granite State criminal defense lawyer, Mark Sisti told the Union […]

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Guest Post by Paladin – a short commentary on HB135 (the NH “Run Away!” bill) sponsored by Stephen Shurtleff

by Skip January 23, 2013

From time to time, we accept and post up guest posts from either folks that we consider to be “notables” or from someone who has something to say.  I have also had the policy that I accept anonymous submissions as well and have put some up in the past – people who have something to […]

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GrokTV – 2nd Amendment Rally at NH State Capital: Jeremy and his Pitchfork!

by Skip January 22, 2013

As speakers continued to address the crowd at the Pro-2nd Amendment Rally this past Saturday, I continued to watch the crowd to see if I could find some folks to interview.  While I was doing the recording of the Free Staters’ “Thank YOU!” to NH State Rep. Cynthia Chase, I saw a man coming up […]

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GrokTV – 2nd Amendment Rally at NH State Capital: NH Rep JR Hoell

by Skip January 22, 2013

While NH State Rep Al Baldasaro led off the 2nd Amendment Rally on Saturday, NH State Rep JR Hoell also addressed the crowd and I caught up with him afterwards for a quick interview on his take of HB135 and the Democrats wishing to strip away the ability of NH Citizens to defend themselves where […]

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Is the NHACP going to repeat their Chicken Little routine again?

by Skip January 20, 2013

In the last session, the NH Associations of Chiefs of Police (NHACP) decided that legislation that more fully allowed NH Citizens to realize their Natural Right to self-defense and lobbied the legislators (I do wonder if that would be legal – I seem to remember that association dues like this are paid out of property […]

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