HB 628

HB 628 – NH’s Obama-Care Mini-Me Mandate

by Steve MacDonald March 18, 2018

As introduced House Bill 628 attempts to solve a problem that doesn’t exist to create a problem that didn’t exist. It framed a scheme for taxing income to backstop a medical family leave program so state government can create a new office to manage the tax. New Hampshire doesn’t have what most people think of as […]

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Is Gov. Sununu Going To Break His No Tax Pledge and Destroy the New Hampshire Advantage?

by Steve MacDonald February 15, 2018

The Family Medical Leave Insurance bill (HB628) making it’s way through the New Hampshire House has a great many things wrong with it, not the least of which is that it not only taxes individual income, a division of state government we’ll never be able to opt out of has to be created to collect the […]

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AFP Phone Bank Today to Stop More Taxes in New Hampshire

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2018

Stop New Hampshire Tax Hikes Phone Bank! Today at 5 PM – 8 PM NH Americans for Prosperity Volunteer Center 340 Granite St, Manchester, New Hampshire 03102

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How About a Shiny New Income Tax?

by Steve MacDonald February 13, 2018

Kimberly Morin joins me to discuss the latest effort by progressives to institute a broad-based taxing structure in state government. This time it’s buried in the feel-good idea of state-managed family medical leave insurance we don’t even need. Also Available on Google Play

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HB 628: Coos County Reps Vote to Tax Your Income.

by Op-Ed February 11, 2018

By Kevin Craig I am dismayed that the entire Coös County delegation, both Democrat, and Republican, voted for an income tax on all non-public employees, via House Bill 628, the “Family Medical Leave Insurance” bill. The only exceptions were Robert Theberge, who voted nay, Bing Judd, who didn’t vote, and Edith Tucker, who was excused. […]

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In New Hampshire, Only the Illusion of GOP Control of State Government

by Op-Ed February 10, 2018

By Ed Mosca On paper, the GOP controls every branch of State government in New Hampshire except the judiciary. But the reality is that in the aggregate the State has moved leftward despite nominal GOP control of the political branches. I discussed how Governor Sununu has moved the State leftward in this post, but there is […]

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These 21 New Hampshire House Republicans Don’t Just Want an Income Tax, They Saved It.

by Steve MacDonald February 9, 2018

The Commerce Committee report on HB 628 was inexpedient to Legislate. Kill the bill, they said. We don’t want to add dozens of bureaucrats and a mechanism to tax income in New Hampshire. But the 21 Republicans pictured above voted against the committee report. They saved the Income-tax built into the legislation. Without their “support” this […]

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House Republicans Responsible for Advancing a NH Income Tax Again!

by Steve MacDonald February 8, 2018

HB 628, which has a tax on income built into it, passed yet another hurdle today when 28 Republicans voted in favor of taxing your income. No need to get into the issues with the bill again for the moment, but if you are new to this debate you can find them here. Our purpose […]

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Granite State Taxpayers Opposes Family Leave Bill HB628!

by Steve MacDonald February 6, 2018

From the Inbox! HB628 establishes a mandatory paid family and medical leave insurance (FMLI). The bill requires NH Employment Security to establish and administer the FMLI fund. Employers would pay quarterly premiums of 0.5 percent of employee wages. 

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More Flaws In HB 628 – The Program is Built to Fail, or Was That the Point?

by Op-Ed February 5, 2018

By Len Turcotte (Adapted from a letter to the chair of the Commerce Subcommittee on HB628) I met with Richard Lavers (Department of Employment Security) briefly on Wednesday of this week to discuss the spreadsheets he handed out at the Commerce Committee hearing on January 16th (I am currently awaiting further updates). My questions were […]

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Stop NH Tax Hikes Phonebank

by Steve MacDonald February 4, 2018

The floor vote for HB 628, which would tax individual income in New Hampshire, is coming up this week. To help inform Granite Staters about the proposed tax, American’s for Prosperity is holding a Phone Bank Tomorrow from 5 PM – 8 PM. NH Americans for Prosperity Volunteer Center 340 Granite St, Manchester, New Hampshire 03102 […]

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I Guess The NH Media Want’s New Hampshire to Tax Your Income

by Steve MacDonald January 31, 2018

Is there a Media editorial blackout on opposition to HB 628, a tax on income disguised as an unnecessary, poorly written “family leave act” entitlement? Opponents of the measure report that while they have submitted letters to the editors of several New Hampshire newspapers they have not seen their remarks find their way into print.

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An Ode to HB 628 -“You can opt-in any time you like, But you can never leave” [Updated]

by Steve MacDonald January 30, 2018

Inspired by my title for this article… and yes, it’s to the tune of Hotel California. In an old Concord building Legislators debate On the plan for insurance In HB 628 But the public has found out They should never relax What these legislators actually want Is an income tax

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Is New Hampshire Ready For Another Unsustainable Social Experiment?

by Op-Ed January 30, 2018

By Len Turcotte There is a bill currently making its way through the legislative process in our state that should be of great concern to NH’s fiscally responsible and liberty-minded citizens. HB628 (Family Medical Leave Insurance) would implement a bureaucratic social scheme above and beyond the federal program that already exists. There are four main points […]

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HB 628: You Can Opt-In (to Pay the Tax) Any Time You Like (But if You Didn’t Opt-Out) You Can Never Leave

by Op-Ed January 29, 2018

By Chip Spangler Currently, HB 628 sits in the House Commerce and Consumer Affairs committee. This bill claims to be a government-run Family and Medical Leave insurance bill, but it is actually an income tax bill. The bill places a 0.5% tax on income for those who do not opt-out. The opt-out provision is deceptive at best, […]

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Reminder: These New Hampshire House Republicans Voted for An Income Tax

by Steve MacDonald January 29, 2018

HB 628 (An Act that would institute a New Hampshire Income tax) passed the NH House 183 to 151 on January 9th, 2017. The bill has another hearing this week followed by another vote. Here is a reminder about the 33 Republicans whose vote for an Income Tax in New Hampshire are the only reason it is […]

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NH HB 628: One Step Closer to the Perpetual Drain of an Income Tax

by Steve MacDonald January 28, 2018

By Emmett Harris The Family and Medical Leave Insurance Act, HB 628, isn’t taking any time off. Instead, the bill is working its way steadily through the New Hampshire House, full of the promise, pleading, and puffery common to many progressive proposals. Let’s hope its journey ends short of becoming law.

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Another Govt Rent-Seeker for Govt run PAID Family Leave – HB 628 – Dr. Oge Young – Part 1

by Skip December 29, 2017

HB 628: Paid family and medical leave SurPRISE!  Yet another Op-Ed in the Concord Monitor genuflecting at the Altar of Big Govt: “Pray, give us this “benefit” even as we could do it ourselves? Once again, supplication from one whose industry very well could be sucking at yet another teat of Government (you know, the […]

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