Harvey Weinstein

Quick thought: Hollywood – All that glitters is really nothing more than a crypt. A really bad one.

by Skip October 13, 2017

Glitz. Glamor. Red Carpets. Money galore. A reality all of its own.  And more money.  Power. Privilege.  Klieg lights. The Beauties. And the strand has been pulled from this ball of ugly yarn. A story land where Life is all fantasy and now we see that those Beautiful People who have been lecturing us Normals for […]

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Why do Mitt’s binders full of women outrage liberal sensibilities but not Harvey’s pot plants full of semen?

by Steve MacDonald October 10, 2017

If you read nothing else about the Harvey Weinstein scandal, or if you read only one more thing, this should be it: Mark Steyn takes the left to the mat for all the obvious reasons and a few you may have missed. Here’s a snippet. Possibly Lorne [Michaels], Matt [Damon]and Russell [Crowe] have Harvey’s name tattooed […]

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