Harry Bean

Town Meetings – for SB2 towns like Gilford, we get to trek in the snow tomorrow (ahGAIN!)

by Skip March 12, 2018

Thankfully, being an SB2 town, we get to vote in private.  I remember town meetings when the warrant was both debated and voted upon in a single session and how long they ran until way early into the morning as one special interest group (“SIG”) or another slowed it down until “the opposition” finally went […]

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Endorsement for Norm Silber and Harry Bean for Gilford Budget Committee (reelection!)

by Skip March 9, 2018

“The BudComm is the last bastion to protect taxpayers wallets”; that’s what I say when asked what is the purpose of the Gilford Budget Committee. It takes into account, not just one or two “communities” within Gilford, but the entire community needs, wants – and what it can afford. While the Selectmen and School Board […]

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